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Protect this ‘forgotten’ part of your body

A surgeon with a scalpel is like a kid with a shiny new toy.

He just can’t wait to use it!

The number of surgeons who recommend against surgery is probably close to ZERO… so it’s up to YOU to push back, get answers, and find out if you REALLY need that operation.

When it comes to many common procedures — from knee replacements to appendix removals — you often don’t.

Now, the latest research reveals one more “must-have” surgery is often nothing more than a moneymaking sham that could enrich the pockets of your surgeon while leaving you with problems eating your favorite foods for the rest of your life.

It’s gallbladder surgery, which is often pushed on folks with a history of gallstones, especially when those little rocks plug up the pancreas.

That leads to a condition called gallstone pancreatitis, and your surgeon will say it’s so likely to recur that the thing just has to come out ASAP.

But the new study shows it may not have to get yanked after all.

Of the 3,700+ patients who SHOULD have had surgery but DIDN’T, about a third of them eventually had the procedure within six months — a sign maybe they needed the operation.

But the rest of them were fine. Even four years later, they were still holding onto their gallbladders.

The surgeon will promise you that you won’t miss that part of your body once it’s gone, but that’s not true. Sure, you CAN live without it in a pinch… but you’ll want to keep it, if you can.

The gallbladder is a storage tank for bile, which most of us know as that gross stuff we hurl when we vomit. But you need that bile to break down fatty foods — and when the gallbladder’s gone, your bile stash goes with it.

The bile your body makes will go straight into your intestine instead.

The bad news is: Many folks battle problems digesting certain foods as a result. The WORSE news is: They’re all the foods you love!

A few bites of your favorite fatty foods could lead to painful stomach cramps or even send you running for the toilet with speed you didn’t even know you still had.

And, of course, ANY procedure comes with a risk of complications, including everything from a botched operation to infection.

So, if it’s not an emergency, you can ask the doc if you can wait and see.

Maybe you’ll end up suffering another attack and decide it’s worth living with the risks of less bile to finally get a little relief.

But maybe you’ll luck out and never have another issue and you can avoid the scalpel for good.

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