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Someone REALLY doesn’t want you to take vitamin D

Attacking vitamin D??? You may as well assault the Easter Bunny!

Yet that’s what’s going on right now as mainstream medicine and its Big Media pals are actually going after this ESSENTIAL nutrient as if it’s some kind of snake oil.

Just this past week, The New York Times fired off a cheap hit job on the sunshine vitamin, ripping into patients and doctors alike for even testing for D levels.

That’s right. Just CHECKING should be forbidden, according to these clowns!

The Times claims there’s “no reason” to have your D levels tested unless you have osteoporosis, your bones are cracking, or you have a disease that blocks absorption.

Yes, to heck with preventive medicine. Only get yourself checked AFTER there’s a problem.

Maybe the newspaper also believes you should only bring your car to a mechanic when it’s on fire!

Fact is, both D tests and D supplements are inexpensive and safe, but they’re not magic cure-alls. They won’t protect you from the ravages of abusing your body with too many Big Macs and too much time parked in front of the TV.

But you absolutely NEED vitamin D, and studies show that falling short will boost your risk of bone breaks, cancer, heart disease, and more.

One study just last month found that every 10-point jump in your D levels will cut your risk of heart attack and other cardiac problems by 10 percent and of death from those conditions by 12 percent.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most Americans, you’re not getting anything close to the levels you need for disease protection.

Studies — we’re talking mainstream research here — show that only 23 percent of American adults have 30 nanograms per milliliter or more of vitamin D, the levels recommended by the Endocrine Society for overall good health.

Some groups say you can get away with slightly lower levels. Others push for even higher levels.

But no matter which standard you use, many millions of Americans are falling well short as a consequence of modern living. The ONLY direct way to get this stuff is from sun… and most people spend precious little time outdoors these days.

That leaves the next-best option: supplements.

Even the brains at Harvard have been recommending vitamin D supplements, saying most folks need at least 1,000 IUs per day — and some studies show you may need to take several times those levels to get what you really need.

It’s safe enough to take without getting your levels checked, but to really know where you stand… and how much you need… ignore The New York Times and get yourself tested.

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