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Can’t sleep? This will give you nightmares!

I’ve got a buddy who seems to get a package delivered nearly every time I come to visit — usually from QVC, HSN, or some wacky late-night infomercial.

He’s got a fancy blender, snowshoes, and a boot warmer… and I’ve never seen him use ANY of them!

On the plus side, at least I know where to go if I ever need anything blended in the middle of a snowstorm.

Turns out, he doesn’t sleep well, and this is how he spends his nights: in his easy chair, flicking through the channels, ordering stuff.

What can I say? It’s better than an illegal drug habit… although it might be just as expensive.

But the real problem with his late-night armchair shopping isn’t the money it’s draining from his bank account.

It’s that it could be draining the life out of him!

Folks who suffer from sleep disorders including insomnia have a higher risk of two of the nation’s deadliest health conditions: heart attack and stroke.

There are three main sleep problems many people face. Some folks can’t fall asleep… some can’t stay asleep… and others THINK they slept just fine but feel crummy when they wake up.

And if you have any of these conditions yourself, you’re facing major risks.

The worst of the lot is the classic insomnia. If you struggle to fall asleep… if you’re staring at the ceiling (or maybe the TV, ready to place another QVC order)… your risk of a heart attack or stroke jumps by a stunning 27 percent.

If you sleep all night (or so you think) but wake up feeling as if you hardly slept at all, the risk jumps by 18 percent.

And if your problem is waking up too often, you get off the easiest but you’re not completely off the hook: You’ve got an 11 percent higher risk of heart attack or stroke, according to the review of 15 studies published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

So, what can you do about it?

Don’t waste your time with sleep meds; they not only don’t work nearly as well as you’d think — the overall benefit, on average, is about 11 minutes more sleep — but they come with risks of their own.

Some can increase your risk of death by FIVE TIMES!

Try a little melatonin instead; it’s called the “sleep hormone” for good reason: It’ll have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

If you have trouble falling asleep, try the quick-acting sublingual stuff. If you wake up too often, get the time-released form so some of it kicks in later.

And if you think you sleep OK but wake up feeling lousy, you make have sleep apnea. Lose some weight and you should get better, longer rest and a lower risk of heart disease at the same time.

It’s like killing two birds with one pillow!

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