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How to CURE the common cold

We’re not out of the woods yet!

The calendar might say winter’s over, but it’s still cold season. At least TWO of the most common viruses that cause the cold absolutely LOVE the early spring.

Because many folks who feel a sniffle coming on this time of year assume it’s caused by allergies, they DON’T take quick action to boost the immune system.

As a result, they end up getting sicker… and often face longer recoveries to boot.

But new research shows how if you take FAST action at the first sign of a cold, you could shorten both the duration and severity and get back on your feet faster.

And you can start with the most basic cold-stopping, immune-boosting, virus-fighting nutrients of all: vitamin C.

Your doc will tell you it’s a waste of time. He’ll say the whole business about vitamin C curing the cold is a myth. He’ll even point to studies that show it DOESN’T work.

But the new report finds most studies use 1,000 mg or less per day, way too low to make a difference.

Bump those levels up higher… MUCH higher… and you can see serious results, especially if you act fast.

And if you can boost your C intake on the very first day of your cold, a big dose on just that one day alone can make a huge difference in your recovery.

One study in the new analysis finds that a 4-gram dose on the first day of the cold will cut the duration by 10 percent. Taking even more — knock back 8 grams of C on the very first day — and your duration will drop by 19 percent.

Miss the first day?

You may not be too late.

Taking 3 grams per day during every day of your cold will cut the duration by 8 percent, while 6 grams per day will shorten your cold duration by 17 percent.

The only problem of course is getting it… because you won’t find that amount of C in a glass of orange juice. It would take about two dozen glasses, give or take, depending on the brand!

Even if you COULD drink that amount, you WOULDN’T want to, because OJ is basically a tall glass of liquid sugar.

Take a supplement instead.

Just don’t go swallowing it all at once; high levels of C in one shot can go in one end and out the other, often in embarrassingly loud ways.

Take lower doses every couple of hours instead. Pop some zinc lozenges while you’re at it, and that cold will be on the run in no time no matter what season we’re in.

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