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Your meds are making you old, sick, and weak!

Think aging is sucking the life out of you?

Think again, my friend!

New research reveals why you feel so much weaker than you did years ago, and it’s not your age.

It’s your MEDS!

Yes, friend, the very drugs your doc insists you need to take — drugs that are supposed to SAVE your life — could actually RUIN it.

The new study finds that they’re literally sapping you of your strength and energy.

The more pills you take — and it almost doesn’t matter what they are — the higher your risk of turning weak and frail.

If you take five or more meds, your risk of suffering frailty jumps by 50 percent… and if you take 10 or more, that risk DOUBLES.

Given that 40 percent of seniors now take at least five meds, we’re looking at a impending epidemic of weak and frail folks struggling to get around.

And we’re not just talking about problems taking out the trash.

Frailty is serious business. It can lead to struggles with day-to-day living… increase your risk of serious injury… and even cause you to lose your independence and send you straight to the old folks’ home.

It could even be the beginning of a literal death spiral, with one study finding that frailty will DOUBLE your risk of death — and being frail with low vitamin D levels will TRIPLE it!

So, if you haven’t been feeling as strong as you used to, don’t accept it, and don’t blame your age.

Take a look inside your medicine chest.

Odds are, a few of those “life-saving” meds aren’t doing anything to help you and plenty to hurt you. One study last year found that nearly a third of all seniors are on meds they don’t even need — and that’s based on mainstream standards.

Going by MY standards, you can bet the number’s even higher — because many of the drugs practically shoved down your throat are completely and utterly unnecessary.

I’m looking at you, statins!

Those cholesterol meds are hardly the only example. Many folks are on two or three BP meds when they can get by on ONE simple water pill… while others are STILL taking meds for a condition they USED TO have.

Some are taking meds for a condition they never had at all!

If you’re on multiple meds, make sure you get a regular review. Every six months or a year — or any time a new med is added to the mix — go over everything with your doctor or pharmacist.

Some pharmacists even specialize in “brown bag” checkups where they help weed out duplicate, unnecessary and just plain dangerous drugs, paring your prescriptions down to the absolute minimum.

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