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Death sentence for kidney patients!

If Medicare or any health insurance company is looking for a mascot, I recommend the vulture.

Your insurers are supposed to HELP you when you’re sick… and these vultures will help you, all right. They’ll help you DIE by using any excuse they can to deny you life-saving treatments!

Just look at the latest “research” on kidney patients, which claims Medicare and other insurers are wasting money by giving them a treatment that literally saves lives.

The new study says too many patients on kidney dialysis are getting colonoscopies, one of the few cancer screenings that’s actually proven to save lives without ruining them.

How many’s too many?

You’re not going to believe this.

Over 1.5 years, only 11.6 percent got colonoscopies.

That’s right. Close to 90 percent of the patients DIDN’T get them… yet that’s way too much!

They found that other folks who don’t have kidney disease but have roughly the same life expectancy are getting screened at a much lower rate — and they claim it’s a sign the colonoscopies are being given too freely to folks on dialysis.

But let me use MAINSTREAM numbers to show why this is 100 percent bull aimed at pinching pennies and NOT saving lives.

Based on the official guidelines, folks are supposed to get a colonoscopy once a decade, except for the very sickest.

Screening 11.6 percent over 18 months means that over the course of that decade, only 77 percent will get screened. In other words, nearly a quarter WON’T get screened — and those are, no doubt, the sickest of the kidney patients, which is just the way it should be.

The study proves it, too.

It finds that healthier dialysis patients are nearly 60 percent more likely to have a colonoscopy than sicker ones. And the ones in line for a transplant — the absolute healthiest of the bunch — are 70 percent more likely to get a colonoscopy.

That’s exactly how it’s supposed to work, because dialysis isn’t the death sentence today that it once was. Plenty of folks live for DECADES — and they’re entitled to colonoscopies and any other life-saving treatments when they need it, just like everyone else.

So, the REAL issue isn’t that kidney patients are screened too often.

It’s that the other folks the researchers examined as part of this study aren’t getting screened often enough!

Maybe instead of trying to DENY the procedure to kidney patients, they should focus in INCREASING the rate in other seniors to save more lives.

You’d have to be a vulture to be against that.

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