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Good news for drinkers!

Spring’s in the air and baseball’s on TV — and nothing completes the picture better than a cold brew in your hand.

If you don’t have a six-pack chilling in the fridge right now… or at least a decent bottle of wine to pop open with dinner tonight… it’s time to take some corrective action.

The latest research shows it’s not just a SAFE habit.

It’s an absolutely ESSENTIAL one, as a moderate drinking habit could slash your risk of nearly every leading killer condition out there.

Yes, friend, this is like getting a prescription for booze!

The new study finds that teetotalers aren’t just boring. They’re driving themselves into an early grave, as abstaining will INCREASE your risk of unexpected coronary death by 56 percent.

That’s not the only risk, either.

Skipping booze will increase your risk of unstable angina, heart attack, and abdominal aortic aneurysm by a third and coronary heart disease by 31 percent.

That’s STILL not all of the risks uncovered by the new study.

If you don’t drink, your risk of heart failure jumps by 24 percent, peripheral arterial disease by 22 percent and ischemic stroke by 12 percent.

The key, of course, is in moderation.

If you’re a heavy boozer, you won’t get those same benefits. In fact, you’ll face some risks — so, don’t touch the stuff if you know you’ve got a problem. And of course, keep off the sauce if you’re on meds that don’t mix well or have a health condition that forbids drinking.

For everyone else, raise your glass and raise it high. I suggest a toast to the study, because this wasn’t some rinky-dink little paper published in some two-bit rag no one’s ever heard of.

It was a careful analysis of the health records of nearly TWO MILLION people tracked for six years, and it was published in the online version of the highly respected BMJ.

When you’re done with that toast, feel free to get a refill, since the study finds you don’t have to limit yourself to just one measly serving of booze per day.

You can have two (for women) or even three (for guys) a day and STILL call it a moderate, healthy and even life-saving habit.

Along with cutting your risk of heart problems as seen in the new study, that same moderate booze habit can slash your risk of diabetes, dementia, and more.

And let’s not forget one other benefit… one that may be the best of the bunch: A drink couple of drinks each day will make you HAPPIER, too.

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