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Yes, you CAN sleep too much!

I like a good snooze as much as the next guy, but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve slept more than nine hours at a stretch.

When it’s happened — and it has — it’s usually because I was burning a little too much midnight oil to bring you some hot new research here in the Daily Dose!

Most folks think nine hours of shuteye would be a dream come true, since most folks — myself included — don’t even come close.

But the latest research shows how getting that much sleep isn’t a dream at all.

It could lead to a waking NIGHTMARE!

Sleeping nine or more hours a night could put you on the waitlist for dementia.

In fact, the new study finds this might even be the earliest known warning sign of the disease.

Older folks who sleep nine or more hours per night have DOUBLE the risk of dementia, and nearly TRIPLE your risk of mild cognitive impairment, or the irritating memory lapses that are worse than the old “senior moments”… but not quite so bad as dementia.

Those are the risks for folks who’ve been sleeping for nine or more hours a night for a while.

If you’re not there yet… but find you’re slowly sleeping more over time… don’t get too comfortable in that bed.

“Transitioning” to nine or more hours a night slowly, over as long as 13 years, will more than double your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

And whether you’re new to long sleep or have been at it a while, there’s one more risk in store… on that adds insult to injury: Sleeping nine or more hours will give you a smaller brain, too!

That might sound almost funny… but it’s no laughing matter.

All our brains shrink a little over the years. It’s normal, and even expected. But too much shrink means too much risk — and folks who shrivel up faster have the highest risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

So, if you’re a long sleeper… consider this your wakeup call.

Obviously, the answer isn’t the set an alarm and get up earlier no matter how crummy you feel. The problem isn’t the sleep itself so much as it is the low voltage in the brain making you tired enough to need all that rest.

The REAL answer here is to recognize the warning signs and act — while you can — with brain-boosting nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and a B complex.

More importantly, work closely with a naturopathic doc who can check to see if you’ve got something going on that might be draining your brain and then work with you to fix it.

I’ll have another key to avoiding dementia coming up later today. Keep an eye on your inbox!

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