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Common heartburn drugs can melt your mind

Staring at your dinner plate could be like staring into a minefield.

If you’ve got acid reflux, you don’t know which item on the menu will explode into another episode that’ll leave you in pain for hours.

It’s enough to make you lose your mind even when you’re NOT having an attack!

But if you think your mind is going now… wait ’til you see what happens when you take some of the most commonly used reflux meds.

They could make you lose your mind in a very real sense as new research links proton pump inhibitors to DEMENTIA.

The overall risk for seniors on the meds is about 40 percent.

But guys, you’re bearing the brunt of this one — because PPIs will boost your risk of dementia by more than 50 percent!

Already the mainstream is busy making excuses. Just a fluke, they say. There’s no reason the drugs should turn your gray matter into gray pudding.

So keeping taking them, right?

Not so fast!

The mainstream doesn’t want to talk about it, so allow me. This isn’t the only study of its kind. At least one other has linked the drugs to dementia, showing they can boost the odds by about 22 percent.

Smoke doesn’t always mean fire. But there are enough clouds here to think there might be a blaze nearby… and that’s only ONE of the risks linked to these meds.

The drugs are often really good at bringing acid levels down, which is why so many folks swear by them. But you NEED that acid. The enzymes in your gut that break down food depend on them.

When acid levels drop, the enzymes can’t do their job. And when they can’t do their job, you can end up with serious and even deadly deficiencies in magnesium and other essential nutrients.

Some folks might be willing to face those risks “someday” as long as they get a little relief today.

That’s how bad reflux is.

But you don’t have to trade one for the other. You can get safe relief without meds and for a fraction of the price.

The answer for many people is marshmallow.

Don’t rush out and buy a sack full of Jet-Puffed. That’s not the marshmallow I’m talking about here.

It’s actually a flower that has some pretty potent natural medicine inside, with the root in particular helping to fight both the reflux itself and the damage caused by inflammation in the gut and esophagus.

It’s available as a supplement and in tea.

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