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The key to beating heart failure

Can you believe the nerve of these docs?

They give heart patients gloom-and-doom speeches every time they walk into the clinic, warning them that they’ll drop dead if they don’t toe the line.

They ORDER them to give up just about all the foods they love and some will even tell you not to have a sip of booze.

And for the icing on the cake, they’ll put you on meds that’ll literally slow you down so much you’ll feel like Droopy Dog.

THEN they have the nerve to wonder why you’re depressed!

Yes, depression in heart patients is about as common as rats in an alley — so if you’re fighting that battle yourself, you’ve got plenty of company.

I’m going to help you find a new set of friends in a moment.

First, a new study shows why you want to shake that crowd of sad sacks: Depression will DOUBLE your risk of death!

The study finds that 15 percent of those diagnosed with heart disease will end up battling depression… and that HALF of them will die within 10 years.

Once they crunched the numbers, they found that depression was the SINGLE BIGGEST RISK FACTOR for death in heart patients.

It’s bigger than cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, and everything else they’re constantly hassling you about.

Naturally, they want to get every heart patient screened and drugged on the double… as if that’ll do anything.

Of course it won’t.

It won’t do a lick of good because popping happy pills won’t do a single thing about all those reasons you’re depressed in the first place.

Instead of looking for a new drug, work with a doc on a new approach.

First, heart disease isn’t all gloom-and-doom. You can live with this disease and live well — better than you have in years — if you follow the basics of a low-carb diet.

You’ll lose weight, have more energy, and ace every test they throw your way.

Second, unless you have some other serious problem, you don’t have to give up the things you love just because you have heart disease. Sex, booze, and rock-and-roll are all fine. (The booze just has to be in moderation; the other two are up to you).

And third, find a way OFF the heart meds that can slow you down and make you feel blue.

The most notorious are the beta blockers and calcium channel antagonists given to cut blood pressure, with one study last year showing they can DOUBLE the risk of depression.

In many cases, just the weight loss alone from your low-carb diet will bring BP under control so you can quit taking the meds. Obviously, you can’t just stop taking them on your own — so work closely with your doc on this one.

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