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How to get diabetes… from a drug!

Ladies, there’s bad news and worse news today… which one do you want first?

Let me start with the bad news: Once you hit a certain age, no matter how healthy you are, your doc will almost certainly have you gobbling meds to control your cholesterol.

You know the ones. The statins that can make you so sore you feel like you were pumping iron with Arnold for an hour.

Ready for the worse news?

Those drugs can take your HEALTHY older years and turn them into a living nightmare, as the latest research confirms one of the worst risks linked to statins.

They can GIVE YOU diabetes!

You’ve heard it before. The FDA was even forced to issue a warning over the risk a few years back.

But ladies, the new study shows how the risk is far bigger than anyone imagined.

And in older — seemingly HEALTHY — women, that risk is sky-high!

The new study out of Australia finds that once you hit the age of 75, taking these drugs will cause your risk of developing diabetes to jump by 33 percent.

Think that’s bad?

It’s about to get a whole lot worse — because if you’re on statins at 75, odds are you’re not a beginner.

You’ve been on them a while — and when you’re on them a while, the docs usually have to increase the dose over time.

That higher dose means higher risk, increasing your odds of diabetes by 50 percent!

The study finds diabetes is now so common among statin users that 1 in 20 older women who take the drugs develop the disease past the age of 75.

Here’s the crazy thing about this: There’s no solid evidence for statins at that age to begin with!

As weak as the evidence is for statins in younger adults, it’s practically nonexistent for older folks.

It’s just the opposite: Studies show consistently that the older you get, the less you have to worry about cholesterol.

One analysis of 19 studies found that 80 percent of them showed that folks with HIGHER levels of LDL cholesterol live LONGER. Another study, in senior men, found that total cholesterol below 160 is outright dangerous.

And yet another study found that low cholesterol at 75 — the same age in the new study — leads to a HIGHER risk of death.

Maybe it’s time for the mainstream to start paying attention to science for a change!

The REAL risk factor for heart problems and death, especially in older folks, is inflammation. Keep it down with a diet low in sugar and other carbs and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and you won’t have to waste your time worrying about cholesterol OR diabetes.

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