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The cognitive warning sign every senior needs to know

Most folks can rattle off their cholesterol levels and latest blood pressure readings as easily their phone numbers.

But blood sugar?

Unless you’ve got diabetes, you probably don’t know… and maybe you don’t even care.

Well, friend, it’s time to care. It’s time to care a whole lot — because the latest research shows how this ONE NUMBER alone could be all that stands between you and a brain that’s rotting right out of your skull.

The new study once again finds a link between insulin resistance and cognitive decline.

I know “insulin resistance” is a term that gets tossed around in diabetes.

But if you don’t have diabetes, don’t think for a second that you’re safe — because the new study reveals the ugly truth…

You’re NOT!

You could be suffering from rising blood sugar and at least some degree of insulin resistance right now — and that could put you smack in the middle of the danger zone for the dreaded brain drain.

I’m sure you know a little about how this whole insulin business works. When you eat a carb — especially sugar, but really any simple carb — your blood sugar levels jump.

That causes the Batphone in your pancreas to ring, activating the beta cells so they crank out insulin, which helps your body suck up and use or store the sugar.

Works fine, most of the time.

But if you call up Batphone too often, eventually the cells in your body don’t respond as well.

You need more insulin to get the same result.

That’s insulin resistance, and it’s not quite the same diabetes, even if it’s a big step in that direction. It may not even be pre-diabetes — yet — so you could be turning insulin resistant RIGHT NOW and not even know it.

If you are, the new study finds you could be facing a steep drop in brainpower with a higher risk of cognitive decline and a sharper, steeper, and more rapid progression, once it kicks in.

It’s like the express lane for dementia — and if you’re letting your blood sugar slip even just a little, you could be speeding through it right now.

Let me help you to the exit.

The researchers claim they want to test diabetes drugs. Of course they do. These guys are like a broken record with their meds.

Don’t mess around with any of that.

Just get back to common-sense eating. Stick to natural foods, restrict the carbs and get your blood sugar levels tested regularly.

Along with preventing cognitive decline, better blood sugar control will stop diabetes and heart disease and help you live longer, too.

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