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Back pain? Don’t even waste your time with this!

You’re no dartboard… but that won’t stop your doc from treating you like one!

He knows darn well that half the stuff he throws at you won’t work. He knows it, but he’ll keep doing it anyway, hoping that eventually he hits the bullseye and you get better.

And when it comes to back pain, his “dart” is a needle filled with steroids.

For many docs, it’s the go-to option for recurring lower back pain when they can’t figure out what in the heck’s wrong.

Well, friend, if he pulls out that needle, turn yourself into a moving target.

Run right out of the room if you have to — because the latest research shows how that drug won’t do much of anything to ease your aching back!

The new study finds the steroid shots given by docs for common back pain will help SOME people just a LITTLE bit — and, even then, only in the SHORT term.

One month after getting needled, 55 percent of folks who got the shot had a little less pain.

That means 45 percent — nearly half — DIDN’T have less pain.

Making the shot look even worse, 33 percent of the folks who did nothing… who got no steroids at all… also had pain relief.

So, the best you can say is that it’s a little better than doing nothing for a small group of people.

But after that month, the two groups had pretty much the same results, and it stayed that way until the study ended a year later.

Talk about missing the target!

The folks who got shots didn’t just flunk on the pain measure, either. They flunked just about everything. They had the same inflammation levels… same anxiety… same dependence on painkillers… and same overall quality of life.

That last one’s the key, right?

You know how “quality of life” is with back pain.

It stinks!

Back pain can stop you from doing everything from taking out the trash to riding a roller coaster. It can keep you in when you want to go out, and send you out… to the doctor… when you’d rather stay in.

The researchers behind the study concluded with some jibber-jabber about “pain psychology” and a recommendation for psychotherapy.

Can you imagine that?

If there’s anything more excruciating than back pain, it’s gotta be psychotherapy!

You deserve better.

There are three options that can work wonders for folks with back pain, and you can try one, two or all three easily enough: acupuncture, chiropractic, and therapeutic massage.

Check with your insurance; if you’ve got real and documented back pain, some of it might even be covered.

A massage… and someone else pays for it??? Now THAT’S what I call hitting the bulls-eye!

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