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Lose weight with broccoli? No, thanks!

I’ve seen a lot of screwy, bizarre, and just plain disgusting diet tips over the years.

Some desperate dieters have willingly swallowed tapeworms thinking the critters will help them to lose some weight!

The latest weight-loss scheme isn’t nearly as gross as worm-swallowing, thank God.

But if you’re like me, it’s pretty darned close.

It’s broccoli!

Now, I’m not talking about a few soggy crowns that can be dressed up with some butter or cheese (assuming you’re OK with ruining your butter or cheese).

This is something called broccoli EXTRACT, a highly-concentrated form of the main compound locked inside the stuff.

It’s called sulforaphane, and it’s what gives broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables that distinct smell that makes you think someone needs to light a match.

In the new study, mice fed this stink-powered compound gained 15 percent less weight than mice that weren’t given the stuff. They also saw a 20 percent drop in visceral fat, or the “deep fat” in the belly that’s so unhealthy.

The researchers believe it’s because this stuff helped get the body’s fat factory to crank about brown fat instead of white fat.

That’s important, because brown fat is GOOD for you, and having more of it can actually help burn off the white stuff that’s smothering you from the inside.

There’s nothing wrong with sulforaphane and it IS healthy. But it’s certainty not easy to get from food, especially if you’re among the majority of Americans who can’t stand broccoli (it’s OK, you can admit it here).

To get the amounts used in the study, you’d have to eat this stuff ’til you’re ready to gag!

Sulforaphane is available is supplements, but they can be pricey and some people say the stuff gives them gas.

Don’t waste your time or money, and don’t risk alienating your friends and loved ones with gas. There’s a much more pleasing way to turn dangerous white fat into the turbo-charged brown stuff that can stimulate weight loss.

It’s called resveratrol, and a study on mice found it helped them gain 40 percent LESS weight even when they put on a diet specifically designed to fatten them up.

You won’t find it in broccoli. But you WILL find it in grape skins… specifically the skins of the grapes used to make red wine. So, drink UP — in moderation of course — and your weight could go DOWN.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a glass of my favorite red over a soggy bowl of broccoli any day. But if you don’t (or can’t) drink, or want to make sure you get the high levels of this stuff you need, resveratrol is available in a supplement on its own and as part of an antioxidant blend.

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