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Screwy study blames YOUR MOM for painkiller addiction!

Who’s to blame for the massive, deadly opioid epidemic?

A new report says it’s not the doctors, who are handing out prescriptions like chocolate eggs at Easter.

It’s not the drug companies that have raked in billions pushing easily abused meds on the masses.

It’s not even patients who get hooked and can’t stop.

No, friend, a new report says BLAME YOUR MOTHER!

I only wish this were some kind of dumb joke. Instead, it’s a dumb new study that claims the only person you have to blame for your opioid drug habit is mom… or maybe dad… or possibly that kid up the road who was mean to you when you were little.

The new psychobabble study claims “emotional abuse” as a kid leads to painkiller problems as an adult.

Not physical abuse, mind you.

Just “emotional” abuse, which is… well… you’re not going to believe this one. They claim emotional abuse is “being called names, being told you’re not good enough, being told no one cares about you.”

They claim being this is what leads to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Can you believe these snowflakes?

In earlier generations, PTSD was caused by watching your buddies get blown up on a battlefield.

Today, it’s bad words.

Boo-hoo-hoo, kiddies!

Now, I’m not going to belittle REAL pain — whether it’s physical or even genuine emotional anguish (which takes a lot more to trigger than “being called names,” or else we’d ALL be “emotional abuse victims”).

And, sure, there are certainly folks with serious mental health problems who end up hooked on drugs, whether it’s an opioid painkiller or a street drug.

But the REAL cause of the nation’s opioid crisis has nothing to do with how many names you were called as a kid. The folks who are addicted in most cases are people just like you and me.

The only difference?

When they had pain, they made the mistake of going to a mainstream doc for help — and instead of getting answers, they got a drug far more powerful than they imagined.

They got opioids, setting them on a path to addiction and even death.

It’s time to stop screwing around and blaming nonsense like “emotional abuse” and put the blame where it belongs: on docs who push pain pills on everyone with an ache.

They don’t have the time — and in most cases, they don’t even have the ABILITY — to find and fix the real cause, so it’s drugs for everyone.

Seek the advice of a skilled naturopathic doc who can fight the pain directly with drug-free therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and natural anti-inflammatories while working with you to find the source of the pain so you can END it instead of medicating it.

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