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Why your doc is clueless on pain

Difficult? DIFFICULT? YOU?!?!

All you want is some pain relief and answers on what’s causing it to hurt so much. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Apparently, it IS… because a new survey finds many docs are griping about “difficult” patients who have the NERVE to want ANSWERS for their pain!

The survey finds that patients battling pain have two priorities. First, they want some relief. Of course they do. It hurts, and they want help.

And second, they want to know what’s causing their pain.

No doubt, that’s because they know finding the cause is the only way to fix it.

But if you tell your doctor that you want these two basics, you may as well be speaking Chinese.

He can HEAR you. But he can’t… or WON’T… understand you.

The new survey finds that in nearly two-thirds of cases, docs have different first and second priorities from their patients.

Forget pain relief. Forget finding answers. That’s all a bunch of noise to the doctor.

They want to do two OTHER things.

Mostly, docs want to patch you up and get you out of the clinic (after collecting your copay and carefully billing your insurer, naturally).

The survey finds that docs’ first priority is to restore physical function, and the second priority is to minimize drug side effects.

Isn’t that rich? The only reason they need to minimize those side effects is because they’re the ones handing out the drugs to begin with!

It’s the classic kiss-off, and it has nothing to do with what the patient wants: getting some actual answers so drugs aren’t needed to beat the pain.

Since it’s not what the DOCTOR wants, patients get saddled with the “difficult” label in 41 percent of cases, according to the survey.

Of course, this is probably just simple insecurity at work. Many docs have no clue how to get to the bottom of common pain conditions, but they don’t want to admit they stink at their jobs.

Not when it’s easier to just claim the patient is “difficult.”

Don’t let your own doc give you the kiss-off, and certainly don’t put up with anyone who wants to send you home with pain pill and a printed sheet on how to limit the side effects.

If you’ve got pain, you deserve answers… and if your own doc won’t give them, shop around for one who will.

I recommend working closely with a naturopathic doctor who specializes in drug-free pain relief done alongside a careful process to find and fix the actual cause.

I’ll have more on pain — and how to beat it — coming up later today.

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