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How to feel like you’ve just won $250,000

You want to feel like a big-time money winner?

You don’t have to hit the lottery… you just need to get a decent night of sleep!

Crazy as it sounds, a new study finds that someone just waking up after getting all 40 winks feels the same level of wellbeing as someone who just won a $250,000 lottery jackpot.

Slept eight hours? Congratulations. You’re officially a winner!

I know that sounds like touchy-feely claptrap to make lottery losers — i.e., ALL of us — feel better.

But the new study finds it’s true… and not only will getting good sleep lift your mood MENTALLY, it can also boost your health PHYSICALLY.

If that’s claptrap, sign me up. Just make sure the sheets have a decent thread count and I’ve got a firm pillow.

But the best part of study isn’t just that it shows how good it is to win the sleep lottery.

It also reveals that even a “sleep loser” can turn into a winner.

You know who you are.

Maybe you toss and turn and take forever to fall asleep.

Maybe you pass out quickly… but are up again hours later, wide awake and staring at the reflections of the streetlight on your ceiling.

Or maybe you just plain don’t get enough sleep, no matter what you do.

Don’t worry, friend, the study finds you can still feel like a million bucks — or at least $250,000 — by improving your overall sleep quality.

Folks who get improved sleep over eight weeks see a big jump on tests of psychological wellbeing. Even better, they also enjoy a bump in tests that measure physical and mental wellbeing, along with overall daily function.

The changes match what’s seen in lottery winners — proving that while money CAN buy happiness, there are other ways to get there, too.

And you can start with a good night’s sleep.

Just don’t turn to meds to get it. The study finds they won’t do the trick. Even if they help you get MORE sleep, your scores on those tests will actually get WORSE!

So, you’ve got to do it the way some folks sleep: au natural.

Don’t dismiss the tried-and-true. Mainstream docs will tell you never drink before bed, and of course you shouldn’t get soused.

But a quick nip before bedtime can often be like a bottle of warm milk for a baby and knock you right out. You can even drink that warm milk… with a splash of brandy (just don’t share it with any babies).

If that doesn’t do the trick, try the “sleep hormone,” melatonin. The sublingual version will often kick in faster so you get to sleep sooner, while a time-released capsule will dissolve slower so you stay asleep longer.

Pick a winner!

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