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S.O.S. over NSAIDS

The other day, I stubbed my toe so hard, I thought I might’ve broken it.

I’m sure you know the feeling. I spent a few minutes jumping like a gymnast and swearing like a sailor.

Even today, the darn thing’s still sore — but while I have a just-in-case bottle of Advil that’s been sitting in the back of my cabinet, I’m not even tempted to open it up.

I know better than that — and the latest research shows one more reason to make sure your own use of the drugs happens about as frequently as a solar eclipse.

Because they’re NOT as safe as you’ve been led to believe.

In fact, this new study exposes what just might be the deadliest risk yet. Turns out common NSAID painkillers — including that ibuprofen gathering dust in the back of my medicine chest — can increase your risk of cardiac arrest!

That’s when your heart literally stops beating.

Sometimes it comes back online. Sometimes.

Often, it’s the END of the line, especially if it happens where you can’t get immediate emergency care.

And if you take ibuprofen, your risk of cardiac arrest jumps by 31 percent!

Overall, any NSAID use will boost the risk of cardiac arrest by that same amount, on average. But some drugs are worse than others; and, in this case, the worst of the lot appears to be diclofenac.

This drug — available only by prescription — can increase the risk of cardiac arrest by 50 percent.

The study didn’t track how long people used the meds or what doses they took, but it seemed the folks who faced the biggest risks were older patients who already had at least some warning sign of heart problems.

The study was done out of Denmark, where most NSAIDs are available only by prescription — and the researchers say the newly uncovered risk is proof it should stay that way.

Here in the United States of Painkillers, that horse left the barn ages ago.

NSAID painkillers are cheap, easy to get, and heavily used.

But let the study be a reminder: Just because you CAN use something doesn’t mean you SHOULD, as these common over-the-counter meds clearly pack more risks than most folks realize.

If you need a little help dealing with life’s everyday aches, you don’t need pain pills anyway. In many cases, a heating pad or an ice pack can do more for pain that those drugs ever will.

Still sore? Reach into your medicine chest… not for the painkillers, but for Soothanol X2 from my colleagues at NorthStar Nutritionals.

This potent blend of pain relievers including DMSO, menthol, and MSM is so powerful that just a few drops rubbed into a trouble spot can cause pain to vanish within 45 seconds.

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