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What the new diet advice gets wrong (Hint: everything!)

I’ve seen a lot of screwy causes of death over the years. Last year, someone died eating a live fish, which swam around in his belly and wrecked his insides.

But I’ve never, EVER heard of someone dying because they didn’t eat enough seeds!

That’s one of the screwy conclusions hidden in the details of a new study that claims everything you eat is BAD and KILLING you… and the only way to stay alive is to eat gross things you hate.

Like seeds.

Yes, really. If you want to live longer, you have to be like the old cartoon Road Runner, always stopping to peck at piles of seeds.

The new study blames nearly half of all U.S. deaths from heart problems on poor diet choices. That’s 415,000 deaths per year… more than 1,100 deaths per day… from bad decisions about food.

And if you take a look at the junk most Americans are eating lately… and what it’s doing to waistlines… that’s not too hard to believe.

But this study won’t blame the obvious target of processed foods.

It’s not even a study, really. It’s cheap propaganda by meat-hating, veggie-pushing mainstream know-it-alls, and the proof is in the numbers.

They claim 11.6 percent of all deaths from heart disease – nearly 50,000 deaths per year, or almost 1,000 deaths PER WEEK – are from not eating enough seeds and nuts.


There’s nothing wrong with eating seeds if you like that stuff, and nuts are a nutritional powerhouse loaded with great fats and healthy minerals.

But you don’t HAVE to eat them.

Heck, some people have nut allergies… and I don’t see them dropping dead of heart problems.

That might be the screwiest “conclusion” in the study, but it’s not the only bit of wack-o-doodle nonsense.

The researchers blame another 9 percent of the deaths on too much salt… despite the fact that even mainstream science now admits that seniors who switch to a LOW sodium diet are MORE likely to suffer heart problems and MORE likely to die!

The new study also claims 10.4 percent of those deaths are caused by eating “too little” whole grains.


Listen to this nonsense, and you’d think the key to a long life is stuffing your face with a low-sodium, whole-grain, seed-topped bran muffin.

Even if it were true, you’d probably want to kill yourself after about a week of choking on that garbage.

Now OF COURSE there’s a nugget of truth in here. Eat junk, and you’ll live a shorter, sicker life… and if you eat better, and you’ll have a better shot at hitting the century mark.

But the key isn’t in eating more nuts, seeds, and whole grains… it’s in getting rid of processed junk and getting back to basics. Stick to whole, fresh animal-based foods and you’ll outlive the seed-brained nuts who wrote this study.

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