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URGENT: New risk linked to common blood thinners

Feral pigs are running rampant in Texas, doing millions in damage to the state’s agricultural and livestock industries.

The problem is so bad it’s being called the HOG APOCALYPSE!

Now, Texas is fighting back with a plot to leave out food for the pigs laced with a poison that’ll cause them to drop dead of massive internal bleeding.

You can bet PETA is readying its protests… so why aren’t they marching on your doctor’s office?

You’re no hog, but your doc could be treating you like one – because millions of Americans are taking the same POISON being given to these pigs, and a new report shows how you could suffer like one, too.

The poison in question is the blood thinner warfarin, which has also been used to kill rats and other pests.

Somehow, the medical mainstream sees no problem giving the same pest-killing poison to humans. They claim that when done correctly and in lower doses, the drug can thin the blood enough to prevent a clot but without killing you hoggy-style.

Good luck finding that balance!

Many people DON’T, and they pay the price just like those hogs and rats – and the new study links blood thinners such as warfarin to an especially deadly form of internal bleeding.

It’s called a subdural hematoma, which is fancy medical talk for a terrifying brain bleed.

Sounds scary, right? It IS scary, the kind of thing usually caused by a serious head injury.

Looks like these meds are head injuries in pill form, because the new study finds nearly ALL of prescription blood thinners can increase the risk of these brain bleeds.

And the worst of the lot is the warfarin being used to kill off pigs!

That’s hardly the only risk.

These drugs – again, just about all of them, but especially warfarin – can cause serious bleeds all over the place. A simple nosebleed could turn into a nightmare gusher that needs ER treatment… but at least you can SEE it and KNOW when something’s wrong.

Internal bleeds in the brain, gut, or anywhere else can happen at any time.

Because you can’t SEE them or even FEEL them – at least at first – you may not even know they’re happening… and by the time you notice something wrong, you could be fighting for your life.

Don’t be like this little piggy getting poisoned, or even this little piggy going to the hospital.

If your doc says you need blood thinners, be the piggy that goes to market. Shop around for a naturopathic medical doctor and see if you have other, safer options instead.

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