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This hormone can wipe your arteries clean

Ladies, don’t let ANYONE scare you away from hormone therapy if you need it – because, when done properly, it’s not just safe.

It could SAVE your LIFE!

A stunning new study shows that women who have hormone therapy during and after menopause don’t just get relief from the notorious discomfort that marks “the change.”

They get better, cleaner arteries.

In some cases, it was as if the street-sweeper had come through the pipes, clearing out literally ALL of the junky deposits that can lead to heart attack, stroke, and more.

The study finds that older women who’ve had HRT are 20 percent more likely to have a coronary calcium score of ZERO.

That’s like pitching a no-hitter, hitting a hole-in-one, and bowling 300 at the same time.

It’s a perfect score, meaning there’s none of the calcium deposits lining the artery walls causing them to stiffen up or attract junk to form blockages.

It’s also one of the key ways docs measure heart risk – and when it comes to heart risk, you really can’t do better than ZERO.

Of course, not everyone has perfect arteries.

But even those with a little crud in the pipes are much better off after HRT. They’re 36 percent less likely to have a coronary calcium score of 399 or higher.

That’s the other end of that perfect zero – because anything above 399 means your arteries are stiffer than a corpse, and more likely to turn you into a corpse yourself.

It means you’ve got atherosclerosis and BAD, putting you in the “high-risk” category for heart problems.

You don’t need me to tell you how that’s exactly where you don’t want to be!

But it’s one thing to ace tests. It’s another to succeed out in the real world.

And, in this case, the real-world results were even BETTER than what those calcium tests would indicate.

Overall, women who’ve had HRT aren’t just less likely to drop dead of a heart problem.

They’re 30 percent less likely to die of ANY CAUSE than women who haven’t had this life-saving therapy!

I know that’s not what you’ve heard.

HRT has a reputation worse than HRC right now, with the mainstream passing around all sorts of screwy horror stories.

Ask around, and you’ll hear stories about hormone treatments being blamed for everything from breast cancer to last week’s blizzard.

Because of those tales, the number of older women who get HRT has plunged, from 60 percent 20 years ago to just 23 percent today.

But done carefully and correctly, there are minimal risks and extensive benefits – and the best way to get “careful” hormone therapy is to seek natural bio-identical hormones in the care of a naturopathic medical doctor.

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