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Beat arthritis WITHOUT taking meds

The CDC should finally give in and change its name to something that better reflects what it does.

I suggest Complimentary Drug Commercials!

That would let them keep the same initials while letting the rest of us know what the agency is REALLY all about.

Any doubts?

Just look at their latest “study” on arthritis.

Sure, the headlines sound like important information, claiming that more Americans are battling this painful joint condition than ever before.

Right now, 1 in 4 adults have arthritis… or 54 MILLION of us. That’s more people than watched the World Series.

Maybe our REAL national pastime is PAIN!

That pain is so bad that nearly 43 percent of arthritis patients battle physical limitations in their day-to-day activity.

Some folks struggle to lift a coffee mug… some can’t button a shirt… and some can’t even push a shopping cart in a supermarket.

These are the kinds of limitations that’ll rob you of your independence, all because of osteoarthritis.

The CDC statement doesn’t urge people to swallow their pain pills. In fact, it doesn’t mention drugs at all.

Of course it doesn’t; they’re too clever to come right out and SAY it.

But what they’re pushing is a path that’ll lead you right to drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

They’re URGING arthritis patients to “talk to a doctor” about joining an “arthritis management” program, claiming 90 percent of patients who SHOULD go to those sessions actually DON’T.

Hmmm… maybe there’s a reason for that. Maybe Americans are fed up with all the bull – because those programs don’t offer real solutions.

They push the usual diet-and-exercise claptrap and “teach” how to use meds “appropriately.”

Want to know what this approach has given us? Look at the numbers! We’ve got 54 million people living in pain and more are joining them every day.

You don’t need another dopey “management” program. You need ANSWERS that you won’t get from the CDC or the pill-pushing mainstream hacks who’ve created those programs.

NOTHING they’ve cooked up will address the cause of your pain, and that’s the wholesale destruction of the insides of your joints.

For that, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands… or maybe your knees… and seek a natural form of collagen called UC-II. It’s been shown to slow and even reverse the damage, with no stupid classes to attend.

It can take a little time to fix the damage, so you might need a little help getting short-term relief.

To quickly ease the aches and pains that typically come with arthritis – and again, you won’t find out about this in some ridiculous program backed by CDC eggheads – go for natural topical painkillers, like the menthol-based Arthritis Relief Cream from my friends and colleagues at NorthStar Nutritionals.

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