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Avoid Alzheimer’s with something you already love

The numbers are shocking.

Within just 15 years, the number of Americans dying annually of Alzheimer’s disease has DOUBLED.

And that number is about to grow in a big way.

Right now, 5 million American seniors – 1 in 10! – are living with Alzheimer’s, and close to half a million more will join them this year alone.

The numbers are jumping so fast that by 2050 — assuming there’s anyone left on this rock by then — the cost of Alzheimer’s care will top $1 trillion per YEAR.

That’s not a typo. That’s trillion with a T!

Some “experts” claim this is just what happens as life expectancy grows: More people get diseases of aging.

You’d have to have Alzheimer’s to think that!

Over the past 15 years, the average American life expectancy has barely budged… and last year, it actually DROPPED a little.

So, don’t let them blame this on old folks who have the nerve to get old.

The REAL reason is the junky modern diet, which is almost custom-made to suck nutrients out of the brain and pump it full of the sugars that’ll rot your gray matter right out your ears.

It’s time to fight back.

The number of Alzheimer’s patients might be rising, but you don’t have to be one of them – because a SECOND new study confirms one of the best ways to protect your brain from the ravages of dementia is with something you no doubt already love.


It’s not only good to the last drop. It’s even better to your last brain cell, enhancing a newly discovered enzyme that can slow or stop dementia.

It’s called NMNAT2 — and when I say “new,” I mean scientists found it just last year.

It helps in two ways.

First, it keeps watch over your neurons like those British guards in the silly hats. Instead of watching for fence-jumpers and dopey tourists trying to get a selfie with the Queen, NMNAT2 protects against stress.

And second, when nasty dementia-causing proteins start to build up inside the brain, NMNAT2 chases them out.

Researchers examined nearly 1,300 compounds in experiments on mice to see which ones were best able to fire up NMNAT2 so it can offer even more protection.

Turns out caffeine is near the top of the list, so pour yourself a cup of coffee.

Just don’t ruin it with sugar or syrups. That junk will rot your brain instead of protecting it.

Drink it black as night, or with a little cream if you need to take the edge off.

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