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Keep your muscles strong… with WINE!

Whatever you’re serving for dinner tonight, make sure it goes well with your favorite red… because it’s time to celebrate.

We’re going to raise our glasses and toast the best way yet to protect our muscles from the damage of aging.

The REAL key to staying strong as you get older isn’t in making yourself miserable with exercise.

It’s not even in what’s on that dinner plate.

It’s in your WINEGLASS!

New research confirms that one of the best ways to slow the aging of your muscles is with resveratrol, the famous “red wine antioxidant” found in grape skins.

The new study tested resveratrol against the diabetes drug metformin in aging mice to see which one did a better job of protecting essential muscle fiber from the damage Father Time throws at you.

The metformin did OK, if you don’t mind the side effects ranging from gassiness to nutritional deficiencies.

But while both resveratrol and metformin slowed the aging of muscle fibers, the red wine compound did something the drug couldn’t.

It helped protect what’s known as neuromuscular junctions, or synapses that help send messages to your muscles from the spine.

These junctions are the key to muscles that move like you’re still in your 20s… versus muscles that creak and squeak like the joints in the Tin Man when Dorothy first comes along.

He got better with oil.

Your “oil” is red wine, because the study finds resveratrol is so effective at fighting the effects of age that the researchers say it practically mimicked the benefits of diet and exercise.

As I mentioned, this study was on mice, so the researchers say don’t get too excited.

But I say we’ve got plenty to get excited over, since there’s been enough research over the years to show this stuff is special.

Resveratrol is a proven natural age-fighter that can protect your body from oxidative stress, and not just in your muscles.

It’s also been shown to help protect the lining inside your arteries and smooth the flow of blood, boosting your circulation and protecting you from heart disease. Resveratrol can also fight inflammation, boost your brain and may even help prevent cancer.

The only caveat here is that the resveratrol found in a glass of wine is what I’d call a “good start,” but not even close to what you need to truly uncork all of the benefits.

For that, you’ll need a supplement.

Resveratrol is available both on its own and as part of age-fighting antioxidant blends. As always, stick to a quality supplement from a maker you trust.

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