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Knee surgery scam exposed

Watch your knees, folks! There’s a hungry surgeon eyeing it with a scalpel right now!

Meniscus repairs are some of the easiest money in medicine, with surgeons making thousands off a quickie procedure most of them can do blindfolded.

The only trouble is: They’ve done so many of these operations, especially in older folks, that they’re running out of knees to slice open!

So, bear that in mind, when you see the headlines that claim more people might qualify for a meniscus repair than docs had thought.

They’re not out to save more knees.

They’re trying to protect their bank accounts!

Until now, docs have warned patients who are overweight or obese that they might not be a good fit for meniscus surgery. They’ve claimed the pressure of the extra weight on the newly repaired knee can cause the operation to fail (meaning they need a second operation).

The new study says it doesn’t matter. Fifteen percent of the surgeries “fail” no matter what the scale says.

But don’t sign up that surgery just yet.

There’s something else you “kneed” to know before you let some doc hack into those aching hinges… and it’s true no matter how much or how little you weigh.

Even when the surgery doesn’t “fail,” it often doesn’t “work” either!

It’s the dirtiest little secret in orthopedics: Studies shows meniscus surgery does practically nothing for most folks.

Sure, your surgeon will talk a good game. He’ll show you the images of your knee. He’ll circle the meniscus and show where it looks like a dog chewed through it.

And he’ll explain exactly how he can fix it.

He’s got the white jacket on, so of course you’ll believe him — especially if he points to a study a few years back that found 93 percent of patients were “satisfied” with their meniscus surgery.

Here’s what he WON’T tell you: That same study also found that 96 percent of patients were satisfied with a FAKE procedure in which the knee was opened up and the surgeon DIDN’T do the repair!

Truth is, even if you have a meniscus tear, it’s not always the cause of your knee pain. You can have a tear in there right now even if you have no knee pain at all.

In many cases, the pain blamed on the meniscus is often the damage to cartilage caused by arthritis. Your best bet for easing that is with tried-and-true natural therapies such as UC-II collagen supplements, which can stop that damage and even repair damaged cartilage.

It’s safer, faster and cheaper than any surgery!

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