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The diet study EVERY diabetic needs to know about


It seems the mainstream has just figured out that the best way to treat diabetes, a disease of blood sugar, is to… keep sugar out of the blood!

They’ve even “discovered” a foolproof way to do just that: Don’t have any sugar in your diet.

Gee, this sure is cutting-edge stuff, isn’t it?

I thought I stepped into some kind of time warp when I found a “new” study in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society that found a low-carb diet can help diabetics control blood sugar.

Maybe next they’ll “discover” you can protect yourself from rain with a fabulous new invention called an umbrella!

I won’t bore you with the details. if you’re a longtime Daily Dose reader, the entire study is old hat to you. It finds that diabetics on a low-carb diet lose 50 percent more weight and have better blood sugar control than diabetics on a low-fat diet.

The researchers also “discovered” that the lower the carb intake, the better that control over blood sugar, with the biggest drops in glycated hemoglobin levels seen in patients who cut their intake to less than 30 grams per day.

But what really blew me away about the study wasn’t the weight loss or blood-sugar control. It wasn’t even the fact that the low-carbers had better mood, or that stress over the disease practically melted away.

No, I expected all that.

I didn’t expect the conclusion, where the researchers claimed they needed to conduct “more long-term studies” on this before they can say for sure if it REALLY works.

Are they kidding or what?

There are literally DECADES of studies that back the low-carb diet, both for preventing diabetes and for managing it.

Dr. Robert Atkins built his entire career on collecting that evidence… and even wrote a book about it.

Maybe they missed it. After all, it was only on the best-seller list for several hundred weeks!

So, if you’re at risk, or if you have the disease yourself, don’t listen to these boobs. The only “long-term study” left to do… is the one you can conduct on yourself.

Make the switch today — and then see how you do in a few weeks, months, and years.

The 30-gram limit cited by the new study is a good guideline, but if you can get even below that – especially early on – you’ll see better, faster results.

As the pounds melt off, you’ll not only have better blood sugar control… but you’ll also be able to work with your doctor on cutting back on or eliminating your meds.

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