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Is your doc playing for the other team?

Your doctor is supposed to be on YOUR side. You might even think of him as a friend rather than a physician.

But that doc could be hiding a dark secret.

He may not be on your side at all!

Many of the nation’s doctors — including (especially) “trusted” family docs — are for sale to the highest bidder.

When they’re dishing out drugs, it’s not always because they want to make sure patients are getting the safest and most effective treatment options out there.

They’re pushing some meds because they’re being PAID to do so!

I can hear you protesting.

“No, no, no, and nope!” you might be saying. “Not MY doctor. He’s one of the good ones!”

Yes, YOUR doctor… because the latest research shows that more of these guys are collecting industry payments than most folks realize.

And odds are, your “good one” could be one of them.

A stunning TWO out of THREE Americans are seeing a doctor who’s on the take, but almost NONE of them know about it.

Just 5 percent of those patients are actually aware that their doctors are cashing Big Pharma paychecks.

Docs of course will insist everything’s on the up-and-up… and, legally, that might be true.

Ethically speaking, it’s another story — because while docs insist they can’t be bought, the evidence says otherwise.

A study just last year found that a single meal on Big Pharma’s dime can influence prescription habits, and it doesn’t take a fancy dinner at a hot restaurant run by a celebrity chef.

Just sending a pizza to his office can do the trick!

The docs in the new study weren’t just getting pizzas, either.

The median amount of money that docs seen by patients in the study collected in drug industry cash and prizes was $510.

That was right in the middle of the range, so some docs took less… but some docs took more (possibly a LOT more).

But docs are pretty comfortable taking pizza and whatever else is being offered because they know nobody’s watching – and they’re mostly right, too.

Eighty-eight percent of the patients in the new study didn’t know that information on doctor payments is publicly available.

But it is.

That’s right… you can take a peek into your doctor’s bank account right now!

Look up “Open Payments” on Google and you’ll find a Medicare-run website where you can search for your doctor’s name and see how much he’s collected down to the penny.

Of course, payments don’t automatically mean that guy’s a crook. But you’re well within your rights to politely ask why he’s PUSHING certain treatments on you, whether he’s being PAID to do so, and what your OTHER options are.

And in any case, even if everything’s on the level, it never hurts to let them know you’re watching.

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