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This common wrist surgery DOESN’T work

You don’t have to be a computer geek to get carpal tunnel. Heck, you don’t even have to own a computer to get this painful wrist disorder!

ANYONE can get carpal tunnel — even YOU, and especially if you have diabetes.

Diabetes is actually one of the biggest risk factors for carpal tunnel, even in folks who’ve never punched so much as a single sentence into any kind of a keyboard.

But once you’re battling the agony of a wrist that feels like it’s on fire from the inside, it doesn’t really matter how you got it.

All you care about it is how to get RID of it!

I’m not going to sugarcoat it; there’s no quick fix here. In fact, new research shows how the quickest “fix” of all — something your own doctor might urge you to get — is a big, fat BUST!

Turns out carpal tunnel surgeries are no better than tried-and-true physical therapy.

All you’ll get is more pain and a bunch of extra bills – because the new study finds that overall, the “quick fix” of surgery doesn’t offer any advantage at all over once-a-week PT sessions.

After one month, folks who have surgery do WORSE on tests of hand function and grip strength than folks going through with PT, according to the study.

That’s expected: A month after surgery, the wound is still fresh, and you’re probably still popping pills to battle the pain.

You’re swollen… sore… but looking for the other side of the rainbow, hoping you’ll come out ahead after that recovery.


Three months later, folks who have surgery don’t do any better than folks who have weekly PT sessions.

They’re doing the same.

That’s OK, but it’s all better from here… right?


Even at six and 12 months, surgery and PT are STILL a wash.

This study should change how carpal tunnel is treated. But of course, it won’t change a thing — because surgeons just LOVE doing this procedure.

You’d love it, too: They make more than $1,000 per operation (that’s just the surgeon’s fee, mind you), which takes as little as 10 minutes.

Can you imagine making $100 per minute? I would’ve guessed you’d have to hit home runs for a living to earn that kind of scratch!

Obviously, you want to stick with the PT over surgery. If you’re still in agony and don’t want surgery, your doc might recommend a powerful steroid shot.

You might need it, too, but most docs want to shoot you up with high doses of 100 mg or more, increasing your risk of unpleasant side effects and nasty reactions.

Studies show that as little as a quarter of that amount – just 25 mg – will often do the trick, and will come with a much lower risk of side effects.

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