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Popular bone drugs can cause frightening ‘micro-cracks’

Your doc will show off the images like a proud papa sharing pics of his newborn child.

But he’s not showing photos of a new baby.

He’s got new pics of your BONES, scans that “PROVE” the bisphosphonate drugs he’s practically ordered you to take for your osteoporosis are working just as he promised.

The ominous Swiss cheese holes have stopped forming… the damage has slowed or maybe stopped completely… and your bones look better than they have in years.

You did it! You’ve got stronger and healthier bone, right?


New research looks at the bones of women on a much deeper level than any of those images your doctor has, and it reveals the ugly truth about common bisphosphonate drugs.

They can actually make bone WEAKER… even when they LOOK stronger!

The new study used a particle accelerator to examine deep inside the microstructure of the bones of older women with osteoporosis.

Some were on the meds, and some weren’t, but all of them had been through hip replacement surgery. (That’s where the bone samples came from; you can’t exactly stick a person into particle accelerator).

Turns out there were some BIG differences hidden in those TINY details.

The women who were taking bisphosphonate drugs actually had MORE tiny cracks – almost invisible “micro-cracks” that won’t show up on any standard X-ray or bone scan – that were undermining the entire bone structure.

Women on the meds had 54 percent more of those “micro-cracks” than what’s typically seen in healthy bone and 24 percent more than in the bones of women with osteoporosis who weren’t taking the drugs.

That made their bone 33 percent weaker, despite being on drugs that are supposed to make them stronger.

No wonder women who take bisphosphonate drugs over the long run have a higher risk of sudden bone breaks!

Obviously, those drugs aren’t the answer for the bone risks that come with age.

But you can’t sit back and do NOTHING, either, because a fracture in your senior years can lead to pain and misery.

A hip fracture can even increase your death risk by 800 percent!

There’s a better answer for bone health, and it’s in your hormones. Growth hormone levels often plunge after menopause, in large part because it’s so closely linked to estrogen.

But if you get what you need, you can STOP the bone loss and PREVENT breaks. One study a few years back found that growth hormone can cut your risk of a bone break in half.

Speak to a naturopathic medical doctor who can test your levels and help figure out what you need and the best way to get it.

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