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This migraine ‘cure’ is guaranteed to SHOCK you!

Sniff, sniff… what’s cooking?

Maybe it’s YOU!

There’s a new migraine treatment in town – and, on the one hand, at least it’s not another new drug.

You don’t have to swallow any pills, so there’s no risk of drug side effects… whether it’s something mundane like nausea, or an exotic one like a third eye popping open in the middle of your forehead.

On the other hand, well… let me just describe this thing to you.

It’s a little battery pack your strap to your arm that’s controlled by an app in your phone.

When you feel a migraine coming on, you’re supposed to whip out your phone and then – somewhere between playing “Words With Friends” and checking your text messages – you send a jolt of electricity right into a nerve that sits under your skin.

Let’s hope this doesn’t malfunction and turn you into something on a Chinese food menu.

Crispy skin, anyone???

It sounds cockamamie… and, let’s face it, it IS at least a little cockamamie… but the study claims the jolts can cut pain levels in half and may even stop migraines completely if you zap yourself at the first sign of trouble.

The study finds higher jolts from the zap packs are more than twice as effective as a lower-current “placebo” shock, and help between 58 and 64 percent of migraine patients.

The treatment seems especially effective if you take action in the first 20 minutes of feeling those telltale migraine symptoms.

The researchers say the treatment allows people to fight the onset of a migraine even when they’re out and about — whether it’s out with friends, or maybe even on the job — and no one will notice.

Maybe they won’t. Or maybe they’ll smell your toasted skin and ask what’s for dinner!

All kidding aside, this is certainly better than drugs, which often don’t work or don’t work well, and – besides the (hopefully remote) possibility of becoming crispy – the risks seem minimal.

On the other hand, is this REALLY your best option?


Color therapy has been dismissed by the mainstream, but the science proves it’s far more effective than drugs OR those crazy new zaps.

The only risk is you’ll look like a rock star, since it involves wearing lenses tinted to a special shade of purple.

There are worse looks than that, right?

Studies show wearing these specially tinted lenses can cut pain levels by a stunning 70 percent.

Ask an ophthalmologist about FL-41 lenses, or you may be able to order them online.

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