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The surprising cause of stroke… and how to eliminate it

If I told you there was an easy way to cut your stroke risk in half that would take just a couple minutes a day, involve NO exercise, and cost about $4 a year, you’d say I was crazy.

Most days, I’d agree with you!

But my sanity’s intact, friend, because the latest research reveals a way to do exactly that.

And most people… probably even YOU… aren’t doing it!

Two-thirds of Americans don’t floss daily, which is a key reason HALF of all adults and 70 PERCENT of seniors have at least some form of gum disease.

It doesn’t just lead to stink-mouth.

The new study finds it can also increase your risk of stroke!

That’s one of the nation’s top killers – and a leading cause of disability – and a major risk factor for it is literally starting you in the face every time you smile into a mirror.

Overall, gum disease will double your risk of a stroke.

The worse it is, the higher your risk. If it’s REALLY bad, your stroke risk jumps by 2.2 times.

The study only shows the link, not the reason.

But the key is bacteria. The same nasty germs that rot your mouth out can use bleeding gums to get inside your body and cause all kinds of problems.

They can harden arteries, and they can also help form sticky masses of junk that’ll gum up those arteries – both risk factors for blockages and strokes.

Other studies have also found that some of those same germs can play a role in heart disease, cancer, dementia, and more.

So, let me give you three tips on the RIGHT way to take care of your gums.

First, floss carefully and don’t buy the slickest, smoothest floss around. It may glide through your teeth nice and easy, but you need something with a little traction to clear the junk out.

Get plain old waxed floss. A small container will cost about a buck and last for months.

Second, don’t just pluck out the junk between your teeth. Sure, you want that leftover bit of lunch taken out… but the REAL problem isn’t what you can see.

It’s what you CAN’T see!

So, work that floss gently down deep into the gum along the line of each tooth to loosen up and remove bacteria-loaded plaque.

And third, brush thoroughly with a fluoride-free toothpaste, ideally simple baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, and then rinse with the peroxide.

You’ll have fresh breath, clean teeth, a bright smile… and no gum disease.

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