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How to live longer than everyone else

You’ve seen the headlines: Life expectancy is about to hit 90!

But don’t stock up on birthday candles yet, my friend – because they’re not talking about YOU!

Life expectancy around the world is rising rapidly, but Americans are getting left in the dust.

We used to be among the world leaders in life expectancy, but by 1990, Americans were in the middle of the pack of developed nations.

Nothing to BRAG about, mind you, but at least not the slow kid in the back.

Then, in recent years, it barely budged… and last year, it actually DROPPED slightly for the first time in decades.

Well, we’re officially the slow kid in the back now.

We’re near the bottom of the list of wealthy nations in terms of life expectancy — and the new study finds that by 2030, we’ll be DEAD LAST (with the emphasis on DEAD).

While the rest of the developed world will be in a race to see who gets to 100 first, the average American man will kick the bucket by 80 – or, the same life expectancy that men in countries like Mexico and Croatia will see.

So, what’s the rest of the world got that you don’t?

First, they’re not terrified of fats. Most countries with advanced life expectancies – including France, much of the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, and Japan – have diets LOADED with the stuff, often from fish.

While Americans are being told to count calories, cut salt, limit fat, and basically eliminate EVERYTHING we enjoy, they’re eating our share of fresh and natural fats (and the amount of salt in those diets would make your cardiologist faint).

And second, Americans eat far and away more chemical-loaded, preservative-laden, carb-filled processed foods than anyone else.

A 2010 study found that the average American eats 30 percent more processed food than fresh food. We eat more than two pounds of processed food per person PER DAY in this country, an average of nearly 800 pounds per year.

The Japanese, who live longer than anyone, eat less than 600 pounds of processed food per year – 25 percent less than us – and even that number is misleading, since nearly half that total is frozen seafood.

In a small, seafood-crazy country, the easiest way to get all that fish quickly to market is to flash-freeze it. It’s officially listed under “processed foods,” but there are almost no added ingredients and little to no processing.

So, if you want to live longer, give up processed foods… and get back to basics with a diet in delicious, healthy and natural fats.

The rest of the nation might struggle to keep pace, but you can race ahead and live as long as the Japanese, the French, or the Scandinavians.

You just have to be willing to eat like them.

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