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It’s in your food… and it could damage your brain

Not diabetic?

You’re not out of the woods yet!

The latest research reveals how one of the BIGGEST risks of diabetes could strike YOU – even if you don’t have the disease, and even if you’re not at risk for it!

It’s Alzheimer’s disease, which happens to diabetics so frequently that it’s often called “type 3 diabetes.”

But the new study shows how even if you’re NOT diabetic, too much sugar in your blood can rush to your head and pull your brain apart like cotton candy.

And this damage could be taking place right now… even if you THINK you’re perfectly healthy!

The new study finds that sugar triggers a process in your brain that works so slowly it could take place 10 YEARS before any of the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

That’s not just watching a car wreck in slo-mo.

It’s watching a car wreck so slow that you have a chance of playing hero. You can grab the wheel and steer yourself out of this nightmare.

But while it’s happening SLOW… you have to act FAST!

Avoid sugar and nearly all other carbs, because ALL of it will cause blood sugar levels to spike, which in turn will kick off this ugly damage in your brain.

As sugar breaks down, it goes kamikaze and starts taking other cells with it in a process called glycation. One set of cells that drown in this sugar melt is an enzyme called MIF, or “macrophage migration inhibitory factor,” the new study finds.

Most folks have never heard of this stuff. You might never hear of it again.

But if you’ve heard ANYTHING about Alzheimer’s disease, odds are you’ve heard the term “plaques and tangles” tossed around.

That’s the protein mess that clogs your brain and often leads to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

One of MIF’s jobs is to activate the immune system to wipe out those plaques and tangles

But once it gets the glycation treatment, all bets are off.

The study finds MIF stops arming the immune system, making it unable to spring into action to clear out those garbage proteins.

Next thing you know, your brain’s a jungle of plaques and tangles.

You won’t feel a thing while any of this is happening. Not for years – so the time turn it around is right now, because if you wait until you start losing your wits you’ll have waited too long.

The researchers behind the new study even warned of a “tipping point.”

They didn’t say when it hits, but I say let’s not find out. Cut the sugar and you can avoid the pain, misery, and anguish that Alzheimer’s will inflict on you and your family.

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