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Gym exercise could ruin you in the bedroom

Guys, it’s time to cancel that gym membership, donate those fancy running shoes to the local Salvation Army, and sell all that exercise equipment you have around the house on Craig’s List.

Let’s face it… you’re probably not using them much anyway, and the latest research shows it’s better off that way.

It offers the BEST REASON YET to avoid intense exercise.

And once you hear about this one, you’ll never be able to look at a gym rat the same way again — because it turns out that too much exercise can absolutely KILL you sex life!

The study finds that the tougher your workout is, the lower you can expect your libido to be.

Think about that next time a buddy boasts about his intense fitness regimen. He may as well be confessing that things aren’t working out for him in the sack!

The study didn’t go any deeper into the hows and whys, but there’s two pretty darned good reasons for it.

First, if you work out hard, you could be too tired — or too SORE — for that “other” kind of exercise.

And second, while guys might THINK they’re extra manly if they’re always working on their muscles, it turns out all that activity can actually cause testosterone levels to DROP afterward.

So, all that sweat in the gym or at the track could take the steam right out of your bedroom.

Naturally, the gym rats are already making excuses.

This is only for EXTREME workout nuts, they claim. People who get “moderate” activity are actually BETTER in the bedroom.

That’s actually true, too… but not in the way they mean it.

MODERATE exercise doesn’t mean exercise as you know it. No running, no intense biking, no weightlifting, no “ab crunches” – none of it.

Who likes running anyway? Criminals and masochists, that’s who!

The REAL key to good health and fitness isn’t any anything you can do at the gym or on a track. It’s in simply keeping up and on your feet doing things you enjoy… even if all you do is go for a brisk walk.

It’s TRUE and even the mainstream “experts” will admit — when you press them — that a WALK is just as good as all the other forms of exercise people shell out big money and risk injury for.

So, forget wasting cash on a gym membership. The only investment that might be worth your while is a $10 pedometer so you can keep tabs on how much time you spend on your feet.

And if you keep your activity lighter during the day… you’ll have plenty of energy left over for a real workout in your bedroom at night.

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