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This common drug can destroy your kidneys

It’s the DARK SECRET hiding behind one of the world’s most popular types of drugs.

And if you or anyone you love has ever taken meds for heartburn or reflux, you’re going to want to pay close attention to this one.

The proton pump inhibitors taken daily by MILLIONS can lay waste to your kidneys!

New research reveals that more than 18 percent of PPI users develop acute kidney injury over five years, a rate 50 percent higher than in folks taking the H2 agonists also used for heartburn and stomach acid.

Scary, right?

WRONG… that’s NOT the scary part!

At least kidney injury can be stopped and reversed if it’s caught in time.

The truly terrifying part of the study is that many people never get that chance… because in some cases, the drugs seem to skip right over kidney injury and take you straight to kidney DISEASE and even END-STAGE kidney disease with absolutely no warning signs.

More than HALF of all patients who develop these devastating and even deadly conditions had no obvious symptoms of kidney injury beforehand.

The damage takes place so slowly and quietly that by the time patients and doctors notice a problem… IT’S TOO LATE!

The researchers say docs should watch patients on PPIs carefully, but that’s a losing battle. The drugs are available over-the-counter, so most docs don’t even know who’s on the things.

In any case, this isn’t just one itty-bitty little flaw that can be fixed with an occasional check-in at the doctor’s office. These drugs pack so many risks that trying to keep tabs on all of them is like playing whack-a-mole.

Your kidneys might be fine, but your bones could be turning more brittle than a pretzel stick. Or maybe your bones haven’t cracked, but you’re facing heart problems from PPI-induced magnesium deficiency.

Heck, maybe you managed to avoid ALL of that… but end up suffering from a deadly stomach infection instead.

And to cap all those risks off, these drugs almost impossible to quit. When you try to stop taking them, they cause “acid rebound” so severe that you end up right back on them in a forced dependency.

These meds don’t need more warnings or better monitoring. They need to be collected, sealed inside a vault and buried under a mountain in the desert!

There are much better ways to deal with reflux, starting with a better diet. Many flare-ups have specific triggers If you can’t figure out what’s causing your reflux, work with a doc who can run some tests that’ll sort it all out for you.

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