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How back pain can turn into a death risk

Can you believe the nitwits in the mainstream?

An alarmist new study claims ANY senior battling back pain is a walking time bomb, ready to drop dead at any second.

If that were true, you’d be stepping over bodies on the sidewalk – because back pain and old age stick together like peanut butter and jelly.

If you’re past a certain age and DON’T have back pain, you should buy yourself some lottery tickets tonight, my friend, because you are L-U-C-K-Y.

So, don’t be too stressed by the numbers that claim back pain will boost your risk of death by 13 percent.

The researchers claim they have NO IDEA what’s causing the link… and that maybe people with back pain are weaker and suffering from a physical decline that leads to poor health.

But they’re not sure, saying this needs “further investigation.”

You know what that’s all about, right? That’s just their way of begging for cash to fund more dippy studies.

You don’t need a research grant to know what’s going on here.

Sure, in some cases, back pain means less function. And, in some cases, back pain can lead to falls, which can turn into serious injuries and even death.

But for the most part, if older folks with back pain are dying sooner, it’s not because of the pain itself or the falls or the loss of function. You can bet your spine that in most cases it’s a four-letter word… and it’s not the one you shout when you’re in pain.

It’s MEDS!

Common pain pills, including both over-the-counter drugs and the hard stuff the pharmacist keeps under lock and key, pack horrific risks.

NSAIDs, for example, have been linked to heart problems. A 2013 study found high doses can DOUBLE your risk of heart failure.

And if you end up on something stronger, opioid drugs can lead to addiction and death – with new numbers showing that overdose of these meds killed 33,000 Americans in 2015 alone.

What do you get for that risk? Not much… because none of these drugs will do much of anything for back pain anyway!

Back pain’s a little like bad weather. Most of it comes and go on its own, sometimes for no rhyme or reason. A little heat can often ease the pain quickly and without having to swallow a single pill.

If your pain is more persistent… if it’s usually coming rather than going… try a nondrug therapy like chiropractic, acupuncture, or therapeutic massage.

Ever wish you had a valid medical excuse to treat yourself to a message? Here’s your chance.


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