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Stop the one condition seniors fear most

What’s the worst health problem you can think of?

If you’re like most other older folks, it’s not cancer, heart attack, stroke, dementia, or even a week with your in-laws.

A recent survey names the condition seniors fear most – and, unlike those other problems, this one won’t END your life.

But it will RUIN it.

The survey says seniors fear VISION LOSS more than anything else on the planet (yes, even in-laws)!

They’d rather face heart problems, going deaf, or the loss of a limb than the loss of their eyesight. The survey from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine even finds – I kid you not – that seniors would rather get AIDS than go blind.

The reason?

The seniors in the study said they feared losing both their independence and their quality of life – and when you go blind, you can kiss both goodbye.

Most other diseases will leave you with at least a little hope of having some quality of life. I know a guy who’s had more bypasses than he can count – but he’s still living at home, and living it up, too.

Going blind’s a whole new ballgame.

You need help with EVERYTHING, and you can’t enjoy ANYTHING — from watching TV to seeing your grandkids.

And that’s why seniors rate VISION the single most important thing when it comes to what matters most.

Unfortunately, your eyes are under constant assault. Vision loss isn’t just common with age.

It’s practically inevitable.

Fortunately, you can FIGHT BACK… and you can WIN!

One leading cause of vision loss is diabetic retinopathy. Obviously, you want to avoid diabetes – and if you have the disease, you want TIGHT control over your blood sugar.

High blood sugar, with or without diabetes, will also increase your risk of vision-wrecking cataracts, so call it another reason to keep those levels down.

So will statin drugs (avoid them) and sunlight (don’t avoid it; wear shades).

If it comes down to it, a quick surgery can usually knock out those cataracts.

Another leading cause of vision loss in seniors is caused by problems with a protective layer in the eye called the macular pigment, which leads to age-related macular degeneration.

This is a devastating condition that can lead to blindness – but if you protect the pigment, you can protect your peepers.

The two main ingredients in macular pigment are the lutein and zeaxanthin you’ll find at the heart of any decent vision support formula.

As always, look for a quality blend from a maker you trust.

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