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Beat depression… with your computer!

For once, I’ve found a form of psychotherapy I can get behind — because it completely eliminates the worst part of the treatment.

The psychotherapist!

New research backs a form of cognitive behavioral therapy for depression that’s done entirely online.

This program, which is automated, can deliver pretty much the same results as an in-the-flesh quack who wants to keep prattling on and on about your mother.

Hello computer… and goodbye, shrink. Don’t let the cyberdoor hit you on the rear as you leave!

In some cases, the robo-therapist was even BETTER than other treatments.

Just an hour a week for as little as five weeks did the trick, although some folks needed up to 11 weeks.

That’s still better than a psychotherapist. Those crooks are happy to let you come in week after week after week, cashing your checks for YEARS at a time.

Patients fall for it, too. Some LOVE it and even BRAG about how much it’s helped them.

But here’s your first clue that it DOESN’T work: They keep going!

If it were truly effective at beating depression or anything else, wouldn’t patients be able to quit after a while?

Clearly, it doesn’t work — at least not very well — and unfortunately, the same low success rate applies to the computer program.

The new analysis of 13 studies finds that just 1 in 8 patients with depression will see a 50 percent improvement in their symptoms. (Other folks might get help, just not quite as much).

On the plus side, when it DOES work, it can be a game-changer, helping to wipe out even the toughest-to-treat cases of depression.

So, if you keep your expectations low and want to give it a shot, there’s certainly no harm in trying. You don’t have to make an appointment, visit a doctor, or shell out big cash.

If you’re the lucky one out of the eight, congratulations. You’ve hit the jackpot.

But if you want something with better odds than a roulette wheel, there are other options out there for depression.

Start with the basics: Get out, see your friends, hit the beach, and treat yourself out to a weekend of fun. Maybe spin the roulette wheel for real out in Vegas.

Nothing can lift the mood quite like good times.

If you need a little more help, B vitamins – especially B12 – as well as omega-3 fatty acids and St. John’s wort can all help boost your mood and beat depression.

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