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Don’t swallow that pill yet!

Back when we were kids, docs kept a drawer full of lollipops.

Remember those good old days, when a simple sucker could help soothe everything from a broken ankle to the chicken pox?

Well, my friend, we’re all way past lollipop age. But the doc still keeps something in that drawer to soothe you.

He’s handing out antidepressants the way he used to pass out candy. Any condition with no easy or obvious answer gets some happy pills.

Migraines? Here’s an antidepressant!

Pain? Try an antidepressant!

Sleep troubles? You know what’s coming next…

But these drugs are powerful meds that can pack debilitating side effects.

And the latest research exposes something even worse than the risk of those side effects – because, turns out, they DON’T EVEN WORK for most of those off-label conditions!

The lollipops might be gone – but your doc is treating YOU like a sucker!

The study finds one in three antidepressant prescriptions are written for “off-label” purposes – or, “unapproved” conditions.

Now, it would be one thing if they actually had some science to show these pills worked anyway. Then, with or without approval, you can at least justify the darned things.

But they DON’T!

The new study finds NO STRONG RESEARCH for antidepressants a stunning 84 PERCENT of the time they’re prescribed off-label.

The new study was done in Canada, but the researchers say the results are probably the same in the United States.

I would disagree with them on that.

If anything, it’s WORSE here. Heck, I’ve seen studies that show more than half of all antidepressant prescriptions are off-label.

Along with pain, migraines, and sleep, they’re dished out for everything from ADHD in kids to neuropathy in diabetics.

They’ve even given for diseases docs can’t understand, like the all-over pain condition fibromyalgia – a sure sign he thinks the problem is all in your head.

In reality, it means he’s in over HIS head… because docs who give out antidepressants for these conditions are essentially admitting they don’t have a clue.

Instead of giving you what you REALLY need – like a referral to a smarter doc – they give you the drugs.

That’s malpractice if you ask me, so if any doc tries to give you the “loll-pill” treatment, stop him in his tracks and ask him for the evidence.

And if he can’t provide it… if he doesn’t have solid backup for putting you on a drug that can cause serious side effects… politely excuse yourself and make an appointment to see someone else.

I recommend an experienced naturopathic medical doctor.

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