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Vitamin D needs help – here’s how to get it!

Even Batman needed Robin, right?

Vitamins are the same way. If they’re going to punch out disease and keep you safe, they need a partner.

Now, the latest research shows how one vitamin in particular is almost worthless on its own.

And odds are, it’s one you’re taking right now.

It’s vitamin D, and I’m sure you know there are two ways to get it: from the sun, or from a pill.

Better yet, get it from both sources and cover all your bases.

The stuff from the sky and the stuff in a pill have something in common. They give you a burst of only ONE form of D, and that’s the inactive form that sits around in your body like playboy Bruce Wayne lounging around his stately manor.

When it’s in that form, it’s not doing much for you.

If you want the benefits of D, it needs to transform itself into the disease-fighting superhero you need. In this ACTIVE form, it can protect your brain, heart, and – the focus of the new study – your muscles.

As you get older, those muscles get weaker… and the weaker they get, the more you can struggle with your day-to-day living.

D can change that and help you keep your strength, but not in its inactive form.

The new study shows that TOTAL levels of vitamin D don’t make any difference at all in strength and muscle.

But the ACTIVE form of the vitamin is another story.

Seniors with higher levels of active D are stronger and leaner, with less fat and more muscle… and that gives them more strength.

OK, that’s all well and good, but you don’t exactly have an “ON/OFF” switch for your vitamin D, right?

Actually, you DO! Your body has the power to turn ordinary D into its superhero alter-ego.

It’s complicated and I don’t want to bore you to tears, so let’s just say a bunch of things happen in the liver and then the kidneys – and a key part of the process hinges on a single simple nutrient.


If vitamin D is Batman, then calcium is Robin. Together, they’re an unstoppable duo.

When calcium sweeps into the kidneys, the D switches “on.” Once activated, along with helping to strengthen muscle, it also helps regulate calcium so you can absorb it and use it.

Like true partners, they need each other – and when you’ve got both, you’ve got extra protection for muscles, bone and more, keeping you stronger even as you get older.

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