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New numbers reveal ugly truth about cancer

“The bad news is, you’ve got cancer,” your doctor will tell you. “The good news is, we caught it early.”

He expects you to breathe a sigh of relief and then go along with whatever he has planned next.

Surgery… drugs… radiation… medication… You name it, he’s probably signing you up for it before you can even exhale from that sigh.

He’s not just counting on you getting treated. He’s BANKING on it – literally – since this is how he earns his cash.

Now, the latest research shows how it’s all a huge lie.

“EARLY” detection and “EARLY” treatment are absolutely meaningless when it comes to many of the most common forms of cancer!

In most cases, it won’t matter if they “catch” that cancer in its earliest stage or if they don’t find it until years later. Heck, in many cases it doesn’t even matter if they never find it at all.

It doesn’t matter, because “early detection” won’t change your overall life expectancy, according to the research.

What makes this study so remarkable – and so refreshing – is that it wasn’t conducted by cancer docs.

It wasn’t even done by doctors at all.

It was carried out by a statistician.

Working closely with a researcher from the National Cancer Institute, this professional number-cruncher ran all the digits on cancer screenings, treatments, and survival rates.

She found that tests such as mammograms and PSAs don’t make a lick of difference in most cases.

Sure, she admits, they can FIND those cancers “early”… and they can lead to TREATMENTS for those cases. And not getting screened or treated can increase your risk of dying from cancer just a little bit.

But down the road, it’s not likely to make any difference at all when it comes to the dates they carve on your tombstone.

That’s because even if they find your cancer and treat it – even if it’s gone completely – most “early” tumors take so long to develop that you’re mathematically more likely to die of something else somewhere along the way.

So, from a pure statistical point of view, getting screened and treated WON’T give you a longer life.

But it WILL ruin whatever time you have left, because cancer treatments come with debilitating – and, in some cases, permanent – side effects.

This isn’t to say no cancer needs treatment ever. Some certainly do. And some screenings – like colonoscopy – really can detect and even remove cancers and precancerous growths without causing any harm.

But the study is a lesson in why you shouldn’t take anything a cancer doc says at face value… or let them panic you into treatment.

And always – ALWAYS — get a second opinion.

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