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How drug companies HIDE the true risks

Well, color me surprised!

Turns out letting drug companies fund and produce their own studies on their own meds WON’T give you the best look at all the risks and side effects.

Who would’ve guessed???

That’s just plain old common sense, of course.

But when it comes to Big Pharma, you can toss common sense out the window – because the agencies that are supposed to protect you and your family from the industry do no such thing.

The drug companies are in charge!

They get to set their own rules and control how, when, and where their drugs are studied, as well as who actually does the job.

Now, the latest research shows this backward system is working out about as well as you’d expect.

It’s NOT!

Big Pharma is loading the deck like a riverboat gambler, especially when it comes to post-market trials.

Those are the studies done AFTER a drug is approved. They’re more critical now than ever, since the drugs are usually OK’ed rapidly, without much data on the TRUE risks.

Approve first, ask questions later.

These studies are supposed to fill in the gaps and answer those questions – but they never do, and the new analysis shows why.

They’re not designed to!

The study out of Germany reveals a complex system where the left hand doesn’t know what the right one’s doing. Instead of making a simple study involving thousands of patients at a handful of major medical centers, they do what is, in effect, hundreds of mini studies.

On average, each post-market study has some 2,300 patients – but they’re split up between 270 doctors.

That’s less than 10 patients per doctor!

The docs aren’t working together and, in fact, are often required to keep EVERYTHING that happens confidential.

They keep things so confidential that they almost never report anything.

In fact, of the 558 studies the researchers looked at on new drugs – research set up to uncover the risks and side effects – they couldn’t find record of a SINGLE adverse event reported to authorities.

C’mon! EVERY drug has risks, and these studies were SUPPOSED to help find them.

Instead, it looks like they’re covering them up.

These studies all took place in Germany – home to several Big Pharma companies – but you can bet it’s no better here. Heck, they might even be using the same crooked studies to fill requirements in multiple countries at once.

The lesson here should be pretty obvious: Be extremely careful around all the so-called latest and greatest drugs.

You’ve heard of healthy skepticism? Here it is in action… because a little skepticism over new meds could literally save your life.

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