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This common additive is a BELLY BOMB

We’re eating it, drinking it, bathing in it, and rubbing it all over our bodies – but you won’t taste it or smell it.

You won’t even know it’s there – because this SECRET INGREDIENT isn’t even listed on most labels.

But it should be — because you need to know WHERE this chemical is and HOW to avoid it, as new research shows it’s completely toxic!

It’s a dangerous “nanoparticle” called titanium dioxide.

The “nano” part of the name means it’s gone through a shrink-ray straight out of sci-fi, turned so tiny that it can squeeze through the narrowest parts of your insides – and the new study shows what happens when these mini monsters start slipping and sliding between your own cells.

They can smash through the important barrier in your small intestine the way the Kool-Aid Man smashes through walls.

But instead of OH YEAH, it’s OH NOOOO, because if you let them in often enough — even just three times over five days — the titanium dioxide can slam a key part of your intestinal barrier.

It’s what’s known as the microvilli – the things that help keep germs and other microbes out, so you don’t get sick. They also make sure your body absorbs critical nutrients.

After the Kool-Aid Man treatment, however, all bets are off.

As the microvilli drop like flies, inflammation levels rise, and the metabolism of critical nutrients can slow down – including key minerals like iron and zinc and the essential fatty acids you need for good health.

And that’s not all this junk can do.

Earlier studies have found that titanium dioxide nanoparticles can wreck DNA and chromosomes, causing the kinds of damage that can lead to cancer and other serious health problems.

Nearly all of these studies, I should note, are in labs and not on people. But don’t hold your breath waiting for honest-to-goodness human studies, while the food industry drags its feet.

They’ve been fighting both real studies AND tighter regulations for nanoparticles every step of the way.

So until we know more… until we see independent human studies… make NANO a NO-NO.

That’s easier said than done. These particles, especially titanium dioxide, are in practically everything — from toothpaste to donuts to mayonnaise.

Heck, they’re even in some beers!

But because of loose labeling laws, many products don’t even have to list nanoparticles in the ingredients.

Call it one more reason to go back to basics with your diet. There’s no titanium dioxide in a fresh steak!

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