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How docs manipulate prostate cancer patients

Nothing — and I mean NOTHING — helps seal a deal like fear.

Fear can drive rational people into making wildly irrational decisions, especially when it comes to love, money, or health.

When any one of those three are under threat, people panic – and no one knows that better than a cancer doc.

They don’t just USE that fear to score jobs. The MANIPULATE it, forcing patients into making what in many cases could be the WORST decisions of their lives.

And the latest research shows how they use it against men with prostate cancer, conning them into treatments they DON’T need and SHOULDN’T GET.

In the study, men with prostate cancer had their anxiety levels checked and their eventual treatment choices noted.

Sure enough, the guys who remained cool as steel despite staring cancer straight in the eye were much more likely to choose NOT to have treatment.

They went with “surveillance.” No drugs, no surgery, no radiation, none of it – just regular checkups to make sure the tumor doesn’t suddenly turn ugly.

These guys are calm because they KNOW the truth. They know most of those tumors will never, ever pose a threat.

But guys filled with fear couldn’t make that rational choice.

Even though they ALL had localized tumors unlikely to hurt them, they chose treatment.

Where does a guy get that fear? Some of it is baked right into the name: Prostate CANCER.

Who the heck wants to hear the “C word” from a doctor? No one!

And when you have CANCER, you want it GONE, right?

Your doc knows it, and he’ll be happy to make your dreams come true. Of course he will; this is how he makes the big bucks.

No one pays a surgeon NOT to operate, right?

So, he’ll gladly remove the cancer – and with it, some of your dignity, because common cancer treatments can leave you limp and leaking “down there.”

The obvious solution here is to have absolutely no shame in making sure your doc knows you’re going to “cheat” on him by getting other opinions.

Why not? He has no shame about cheating you with needless treatments!

Make sure at least one of your opinions is from a naturopathic doc with experience in cancer care, who can objectively tell you when you really DO need that surgery.

And more importantly, when you DON’T.

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