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Why you should never, ever give up butter

Butter’s back, baby!!!!

If you love the GOOD stuff… if you MISS cooking with delicious, full-fat, farm-fresh butter… if you’re SICK to death of all the know-it-alls ruining your meals with their nagging… I’ve got the news you’ve been waiting for today.

Butter is HEALTHY!

New research proves that DECADES of tedious mainstream lectures on the so-called risks of real butter are WRONG.

In fact, the study even proves that the forced switch to nasty, oily, tasteless “buttery spreads” has been a disaster of epic proportions.

Researchers cracked open the medical equivalent of a cold case, digging into the details of a 50-year-old study that showed exactly what happens when you replace butter with a spread made out of corn oil.

The 9,400 folks in the study were all living in hospitals and nursing homes, where their diets could be carefully controlled.

Some were given food cooked with the good stuff: real butter.

Others were secretly switched over to a diet based on corn oils instead of fresh and natural butter.

They didn’t just suffer.

They began dropping like flies!

The new analysis of the old data, first quietly published last year but now finally getting the media attention it deserves, finds that the folks switched over to nasty vegetable oils were 22 percent more likely to drop dead.

Yes, that means mainstream health advice isn’t just killing meals.

It’s killing PEOPLE!

Don’t let their bad advice ruin or end your life… OR your supper. Put butter back on the menu. For maximum health, stick to honest-to-goodness butter from grass-fed cows, which is a terrific source of vitamins A, D, E and artery-clearing vitamin K.

And if the mainstream has been wrong about butter, you have to wonder… what else have they been wrong about?

Here’s a hint: EVERYTHING!

It’s time to tune out the low-fat, low-cal, low-taste nagging, and bring back all the foods you never should’ve quit in the first place.

Animal fats aren’t bad for you. They’re HEALTHY, and that includes the saturated fats the mainstream has spilled so much alarmist ink over.

The real risks aren’t in those delicious fats anyway.

They’re in the foods people turn to when they’re forced to give up those fats, like processed foods and carbohydrates — especially the refined carbs that are in absolutely everything these days.

Make the switch back to an all-natural, full-fat diet today, and you’ll notice rapid improvements in everything from your waistline to your energy levels to your mood.

And you’ll even pass every test your doc throws your way… with flying colors.

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