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Could a little sunlight save your life?

If you want to live happier, healthier, and LONGER, there’s one thing you need to do right now.

Throw the door open, march outside and spend a few moments soaking up some sun!

I don’t care if you have wipe the ice off the thermometer to see the temperature. If the sun’s shining, get out there and bask — and not just because it feels good when that light hits your skin.

Those same UV rays could SLOW the aging process and add YEARS to your life!

When your body soaks up sun, it triggers a reaction that causes you to produce vitamin D.

Now, the latest research shows how this sunshine vitamin can protect your cells at the deepest levels: right down in your very DNA.

Each strand has a little piece on each end called a telomere that keeps it from unraveling.

But as cells divide… as you AGE… those telomeres shrink.

When they get too short, the DNA falls apart and the cells die. And as those cells die off, you face a higher risk of ALL the chronic and deadly diseases that mark aging.

Cancer… Alzheimer’s… heart disease… and more have all been linked to shrinking telomeres.

But if you boost your D levels, you can STOP the shrink and BLOCK those diseases.

The new study finds that every 10 nmol boost in your blood levels of vitamin D will add 0.04 kbp to your telomeres. And if you keep your blood levels of D above 50 nmol/L, your telomeres will be 0.13 kbp longer than someone with 25 nmol/L levels of D.

I don’t want you to drown in numbers soup here. The key is that when D levels are up, the telomeres stay longer.

The only two numbers you really need to remember are 25 and 50 – because the 25 nmol/L that leads to SHORTER telomeres, as far as your doctor’s concerned, is right in the “normal” zone for vitamin D.

So even if your doc has said your D levels are fine, you could be falling well short of the 50 you need for protection from age and disease (and some studies show higher levels will offer even more protection).

The best way to boost your D is the old-fashioned way. Get outside under the sun, and pass on the sunscreen. You can generate plenty of this vitamin before you face any risk of burning.

Since weather, clouds, clothes, and even the seasonal angle of the Earth can all slow D production, take a supplement as well to make sure you’re 100 percent covered.

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