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Back pain breakthrough revealed in new guidelines


The mainstream is finally ready to talk sense about back pain, and the newest guidelines are like to exact opposite of a Nike ad.

Want to ask your doc for a prescription painkiller?


How about that Vicodin leftover from your surgery last year… the one sitting in the back of the medicine chest, “just in case?”


But at least you can take some Advil or Tylenol, right?


Yes, friend, for once the mainstream got it right – mostly – with new guidelines for back pain that urge Americans to avoid ALL medication whenever those irritating aches pop up.

That’s not even the most amazing part of this.

Ready for it?

The new guidelines from the American College of Physicians – as mainstream a medical group as you’ll find – now back the very treatments they once derided and mocked as “alt-med.”

That’s a major vindication for the very same techniques you’ve read about over the years in the Daily Dose. The new guidelines even mention some of them by name, starting with the most basic option of all: heat.

It’s so simple most folks skip right over it and head for the pain pills.


Heat is highly effective at easing the everyday back and neck pains we all face from time to time, including the severe aches that can leave you curled up in the fetal position.

You can use a heat pack, heat wrap, or even hot water flowing from your shower, especially if you have a “massage mode.”

The guidelines also back once-controversial treatments such as acupuncture, spinal manipulation and low-level laser therapies. That’s long overdue, too, since years of studies prove they WORK, especially for back pain.

They’re not “alt.” They’re all “med!”

If you’ve tried all that and still have back pain after 12 weeks, THEN the guidelines say you can “JUST DO IT” and turn to meds.

But c’mon.

If you’ve had back pain for three straight months, you’re likely dealing with something that no pill in the world will fix, including an injury your doc has completely missed such as a “slipped” or “bulging” disc in your back.

An osteopath or chiropractor – both backed by the new guidelines, by the way – can help with those.

In the meantime, for a little quick relief as you work to fix the problem, don’t turn to pain pills.

There are natural remedies that can help fight off the peskiest of all pains such as Soothanol X2 from my colleagues at NorthStar Nutritionals. This potent blend of pain relievers including DMSO, menthol and MSM is so powerful that just a few drops rubbed into a trouble spot can cause pain to vanish within 45 seconds.

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