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Cancer-fighting miracle backed by new study

Ask a mainstream cancer doc about intravenous vitamin C, and he’ll act as if you just mentioned bat’s breath and eye of newt.

Tell him you’re thinking about actually getting it, and he won’t just MOCK you.

He’ll THREATEN you… and maybe even medically DISOWN you!

“If you want to go that route, you’re on you own,” he might say.

Well, friend, new research from the mainstream shows why he’s so livid. His job is on the line!

He’s threatening you because he feels threatened himself, as the new study reveals how IVC can wipe out cancer cells far more effectively than just about any of the poisons he’ll pump into your body.

And it kills off those cancer cells without even touching your healthy cells.

It’s the cancer-destroying miracle the world has been waiting for, and the new study shows why it’s so effective against certain forms of this disease.

Just as doctors in natural medicine have said for years, vitamin C can break down in the blood into hydrogen peroxide.

Your normal cells can handle hydrogen peroxide. Heck, they’ll barely know it’s there.

Cancer cells, on the other hand, can’t clear the hydrogen peroxide out so easily.

They practically DROWN in the stuff!

The result? Vitamin C can WIPE OUT disease cells without causing the body-wrecking, nauseating, sickening side effects of your oncologist’s treatments.

And it can do the job for a fraction of the price.

There’s a trick to this, though.

This reaction only happens when C levels in the blood get super high – and you can’t reach those levels with plain old capsules.

You need to go the direct route and pump it in intravenously.

The reason it doesn’t hurt your healthy cells is that they have an enzyme called catalase, which busts open hydrogen peroxide, turning it into harmless water and oxygen.

But as anyone who’s ever fought cancer can tell you first-hand, this disease is a clever you-know-what.

Some of those cancer cells have figured out the key to beating hydrogen peroxide is to soak up their own supply of catalase.

And when they get their ugly mitts on it, all bets are off and IVC won’t be nearly as effective.

The researchers plan to cook up a test to figure out which cancers have found the catalase. Meanwhile, if you’ve got cancer yourself, there’s no harm in giving IVC a shot.

Even if it doesn’t kill the cancer, studies show it can help fight the fatigue and other common symptoms and even limit the side effects of treatment.

Work closely with a holistic medical doctor.

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