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A bad idea for blood pressure

The only thing worse than one bad idea is FOUR bad ideas all at once.

But that’s what the mainstream is cooking up next.

It’s a new drug that’s supposed to cut blood pressure – but it’s not REALLY a new drug at all.

It’s FOUR old drugs smashed into one pill!

Researchers claim that cutting the dose of popular meds and blending them together like some twisted new flavor of Jamba Juice can cut BP levels more effectively and with less risk.

Their study even seems to back them up, with EVERYONE cutting their BP levels into the target zone and NO ONE suffering ill effects.

But don’t start asking your doc about “quad pill” just yet. I never heard of a drug that worked for everyone and hurt no one.

That just smells funny — so I stuck my nose into the details, and I sniffed out the rat.

This wasn’t much of a study at all!

First, the folks who took the pills didn’t exactly have the wild and out-of-control BP levels that need urgent treatment or even any treatment at all.

In the doctor’s office, they were at 154/90 on average. And when they got home and away from the stress of a medical clinic, they dropped all the way down to 140/87.

These folks didn’t need treatment.

They needed to be left alone!

But they got the meds anyway, and – sure – they all fell into the “target” zone in large part because most of them were practically already there.

And that brings me to the SECOND huge flaw in the study.

There were just 18 patients in it!

A 100 percent success rate doesn’t quite sound so successful when your entire study can fit inside a passenger van.

Even more embarrassing for these researchers, a full THIRD of the patients got the same results on a placebo.

Yep… plain old nothing pills were just as “effective” as a drug combining FOUR different meds for many patients!

Finally, let me get to those side effects — because you can just toss any conclusions about those right out the window of that van. Not only is 18 people too small a group for conclusions, but they only took the drug for four weeks!

So, don’t fall for the quad pill – it’s one study, with four times the nonsense.

If your BP levels are at 140 at home, like the folks in this study, odds are you’ve got nothing to worry about. If they’re rising rapidly, you still don’t need a pill, whether it has one drug or four in it.

You need a doc who can figure out WHY.

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