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How to stay out of the hospital

Used to be you could walk into your doctor’s office and everyone knew your name. Heck, your doc probably knew your whole family and would ask about them, too.

Today’s massive and impersonal clinics practice medicine by roulette wheel. You walk in, and they spin the wheel to see which doctor you get.

It could be someone you’ve never seen before… and maybe will never see again.

The faceless bean-counters that run the giant corporate clinics taking over medicine LOVE this approach. It cuts out the chitchat and gets patients out quicker.

That means MORE patients per day… and MORE profits for them.

But new research shows it also means something else for you.


The study out of England finds that seniors who see the same doctor all the time are 12 percent less likely to be admitted to a hospital than folks who get the roulette wheel.

Even seeing the same doc at least SOME of the time can help, cutting the risk of a hospital admission by 9 percent, according to the study in BMJ.

The mainstream seems shocked by this.

They think medicine is about checking boxes on a symptom list and then prescribing a drug to match… and it doesn’t matter much who does the job. Give a monkey a white coat, and maybe he could do it!

But the new study shows they’re wrong.

Having a doc you know, trust, and LIKE means you’ll be more inclined to see him when you think something’s wrong – and that means you’ll get the help you need BEFORE it turns into an emergency.

Heck, some docs with that personal touch don’t wait for you to find them. I’ve known a few who actually call to check in on their patients every now and then.

No roulette wheel doc can build that kind of bond.

But that’s where medicine is headed as small clinics are gobbled up by corporate monstrosities. The study even confirms it, too, finding that patients who visit these giant offices are much less likely to see the same doctor than folks who go to an old-fashioned practice.

If you’ve got a doc you know – and who knows you – hang onto him for dear life, because that way of medicine is coming to an end.

And if you’re already in the roulette wheel, take some time to find a way out.

There are still docs out there who believe in Old School personal medicine, especially naturopathic docs.

If you want to go back to being a name instead of a number, shop around until you find one.

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